WordPress Essential Plugins

Today let’s talk about Plugins and more specifically what are the WordPress Essential Plugins to create a successful and fully functional Blog/Website.

​I am going to move ahead and list what I believe to be some of the most useful plugins for any website or blog.

​Let me just refresh your mind, for those of you that don’t know exactly, what  plugins are, how do we use them, how many should we have and why.

What is a plugin?


Plugins are code components, software add-ons that are installed in WordPress in order to enhance its capabilities and standard functionality.

A very simple example to understand a plugin is, if you wanted to post a video on your website, you may need to install a plugin to play it because the browser doesn’t have the tools it needs.

Using a few well-chosen plugins can definitely improve the performances of your site and make it user friendly

The beauty of the plugins is that with them you can implement practically anything you can imagine on your website or blog.

​This is what makes WordPress so versatile and so powerful and one of the best if not the best platform to start a blog and income online.

How many plugins?


OK, this is where you have to be careful and don’t get carried away. At the beginning, especially when you are new, every plugin you see seems to be a “must have” on your site.

I know it because that’s exactly what I did when I first started.

Every plugin appeared almost indispensable to my eyes.

I needed the plugin to optimize my images, the one to create contact forms, the one for the videos, the one for the widgets, another one for the opt in form,…

Before I knew my website was full of Plugins and, little did I know, that too many plugins will actually negatively affect the performance of your website.

You will slow it down and consequently affect even your Google ranking, since slow speed  is not an appealing feature to any search engines.

So, what should you do? What are the plugins that can enhance the performance and over all look of your Blog and how many should you have?

Ideally try to keep it down to five, five plugins are a good number that will not affect your website speed and performance.

​Be careful when using a plugin that it does not affect, crush or stop the functionality of another plugin, as one can be working against another.

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​Smart  Plugin Choices ​


​You must understand that plugins are not toys and you can use them​ to help you in the functionality of your site.

​Being able to discern between the ones that are a must and the ones that but don’t really need it’s a must.

If you website, for example is based on E commerce and you have your little shop online, some plugins like Woo Commerce, Big Commerce, Shopify, can be extremely useful.

On the other hand, if you are running a website where Videos are a central part of the business having a plugin that will help you​ optimize the viewing process would be more useful.

​What plugins should You have?


After I noticed my site was slowing down because of the different plugins ​and couldn’t make up my mind, which one I should delete and which one I should have kept.

Solution?  I went around another route and start looking for a possible different solution.

​I found Thrive

Thrive Themes ( I wrote a full review on the product if you are interested) is by far the best investment I have ever made online (after WA platform)​.

The reason being is because with one subscription, I have access to all the plugins I need.

​In one single pack,​ all the plugins  work perfectly together never causing any crashing or slowing down of my blog.

Besides Thrive there are also other plugins that are in my opinion essential to the perfect functioning of a blog.

Here below I am going to give you a run-down of the main ones I am currently using.

The Thrive ​Collection

When you first start a Blog you never want to spend any money, ​I was the same, truth is, I wasn’t sure I was going to really make it.

​Only when I started to see ​the first earning coming in and saw the true potential of a blog I decided I needed to improve the overall look and functionality of the site.

It was the first investment I ever made. I bought Thrive Themes.

Ultimate List-Building Plugin for WordPress

Don’t get me wrong I did not spend a fortune, I was still quite cautious, but the 67.00$ I spent are by far one of the best things I have ever done.

Why Thrive? Thrive Themes gives you conversion focused WordPress themes & plugins. They have themes that are built for speed, readability and clarity.

​At the beginning I used a WordPress theme for my Blog, which was very good.

As I grew and ​my confidence grew, the business ​took off ​ andI wanted to improve.

​I wanted to be able to have a different theme and create landing pages, forms, offers, all in one place.

Thrive allows to do just that and more.

But Thrive is not just Themes, Thrive comes with a full package of plugins and I have been using majority of the Thrive plugins since I became a Thrive Themes​ member.

(At first I bought the package, but later on I decided I wanted to have access to everything for as many sites as I wanted so I became a full member)

​It’s absolutely fantastic because it allows me to make my website building experience a lot easier and enjoyable.

​Nº1: ​Thrive Architect


​Architect is by far the fastest and most intuitive visual editor you can use for WordPress.

It allows you to build your WordPress pages by using ‘drag-and-drop’ feature and in real time.

You can drag – drop- and see the result in front of your eyes without having to save first and open a new page like other website editors.

​WordPress editor doesn’t allow you to preview your page live, you still have to click on the “Preview” button and open up a new tab.

The website you create looks really professional without any knowledge of coding required.

Some of the things include call-to-actions, testimonials, pricing tables, countdown timers, “Click to Tweet” box, table of contents, videos, pop up forms and so much more

You have a full control of how you blog page is going to look.

​Even the spacing of the margin, to the last tiny detail you are in charge.

Create a Free Thrive University Account

​Nº2: ​Thrive Landing Pages


One of the first reasons I got Thrive is because I was trying to create a landing page and I was getting frustrated ​since​​ nothing looked quite like I wanted.

That’s when Thrive came to the rescue.

Thrive Landing Pages has allowed me to create beautiful, conversion optimized landing pages on my website.

There are at the moment 304 landing page templates available in this plugin, absolutely for every taste and from a Yoga landing page to an engine car website there is a template for everyone

From Opt in forms,  landing pages,  sales pages, from review pages to quiz pages, you name it, they will have it.

Landing Pages for WordPress

​Nº3: ​Clever Widget

I could not love this plugin more.

If you are familiar with “widget” you will know this tiny little plugin allows you to put posts, or advertising on one side of your blog, could be the footer, header, sidebar of your WordPress site.

Thrive Clever Widget takes the entire widget area to a complete different level because it allows you to customize your widget area for different pages and posts.

​Choose which banner or any other widget should appear in one post but not in another ​ ​having full control over what you want to show to your visitors on different pages.

This can help you greatly increase the conversion rate  because it makes your widget area more relevant to each post and page

Thrive Clever Widgets

​Nº4:  Thrive ​Leads


We all know how important leads are for a business and how having an email listing is an integral part of online success.

Thrive Leads is an Email list building tool that allows you to create beautiful Opt In form.

​Each form can be easily integrated with your email auto responder provider.

I use Mailchimp and with a click of a button my Opt in form is automatically connected to my Mail Chimp account.

One of the greatest aspects of this plugin is that there are so many choices of templates that you can choose from.

​A​ simple straight forward subscriber’s form or a give-away eBook or report form, even  a two-step opt in form.​​

Each one of them can be fully customized from the words to the font and colors and size of buttons or images to feature.

Probably the easiest and prettiest form I have ever come across

Thrive Leads - Build Your Mailing List Faster

​Nº5: Yoast SEO


Having a Plugin that will assist you in your search engine optimization is a must for the success of a blog or a website​

​If you are counting of having a lot of organic traffic and be indexed and ranked in search engine more easily.

So far, I have used two SEO Plugins with my websites, and both of them are really good.

The first Plugin I started with was SEO All-In-One that came integrated with my WordPress website.

The second one is called Yoast SEO and I have installed it later on in my career after I had become a little more confident with the whole website building procedure.

In reality both Plugins have similar functions and perform really well.

Ultimately, I tend to use more Yoast because it has some extra features that I really like and are useful to the site.

​Nº6: Contact Form 7

When you run an online business one of the things you really want is for people to be able to contact you and you want to make the process easy and simple to perform.

Almost every website has a Contact Page which allows people to keep in touch with you and Contact Form 7 does simply that.

It is very easy to use, not spectacular as far as forms (if you want something fancy you need to stick to Thrive) but the form is enough to do the main job which is allowing people to contact you if they want to.

​Nº7: Comment Approved


Comments are often undermined by people and it’s a silly mistake to make because they do indeed perform a very useful task which is helping your site on your Google Ranking.

The more comments you have, the more activity Google or Yahoo or other search engines see on your site the better it is for your blog in gaining ranks and coming up in the top page of the search engines.

By default, WordPress commenting system will not notify the visitors if their comments have been approved or if you have replied to it.

Comment Approved plugin sends a customized Email to the viewers that have left a comment and have received a reply.

This can be a nice way to encourage discussions and engagements, which in turn will help you again in the ranking of the content with the Search Engines.

​Give Your Blog The X Factor

So, there you have it, my essential list of plugins, the one that I have used or am currently using on all of my sites.

Contact form 7 is very good but I have left it behind since I use Thrive and with Thrive membership I have everything that I really need to make the blog run smoothly.

If you are just starting take it slowly and don’t flood your blog with hundreds of plugins, don’t carried away like I did.

My advice is, try to plan ahead where you want to go with your site and what is the main purpose of your pages; being able to distinguish between what we really need from what we like but is not indispensable, in the case of plugins, is the key.

Saying that you can activate or deactivate a plugin whenever you want or install it and delete it.

​But being careful is always the safest route.

Sometimes installing a plugin with crash another one, or deleting a plugin will affect the look of your site.

Knowing ahead and planning what are the plugins that you want to have can in the long run save you a lot of time doing and  undoing things.

Having the possibility, Thrive is something I would strongly recommend  to anyone that can afford to spend $67.00. You will have everything your website need in one package and the certainty that none of the plugins will crash with each other is definitely something to take in consideration.

​I hope you enjoyed the post and found it useful; if you have any questions or any comments, send me an email or leave a comment in the area below and I will get back at you asap.

Wishing you all the greatest success whatever your goals are, remember, don’t ever give up on your dreams!

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