What Is Workingmob.com? Scam Alert!!!

​Morning everyone, it's Wednesday morning here in Spain and I just dropped my son to school, came back home and sat at my desk ready for my next Review. Today I want to talk about a "Data Entry Job" that caught my attention the other day on a a Facebook Group.  If You want to know what is Workingmob.com and mostly, before you sign up for any of their "jobs", I would suggest you to read the following Review.

​The Workingmob.com Review

​Before I go ahead let me tell you how I came about the site.  

Facebook is not one of my favorite Social media; I find it quite distracting, but every once in a while I go there to share some of my posts and see what people are talking about, new trends, discussions and so on.

So the other day I was on one of those Group boards for working from home Moms & Dads, and I have seen a post of someone asking for a legitimate type of work from home. She did not want to become a millionaire overnight, but was looking for some extra cash on the side, a couple of hundreds extra dollars a month to spend for her daughter birthday that is coming soon.

Among the various, "visit this" and visit that" site there was a post talking about a "simple data entry job".

I guess the "Data Entr​y" and "Simple" made it sound almost legit and straight forward, so I went ahead and click on the link provided to see what it was all about.

​First Impressions

At first glance, the woman that was suggesting to visit the site made it sound ​ pretty normal, no big promises of making a fortune in a day.

The fact that it was a mom talking to another mom and tell her where to go if she wanted some extra cash led me to believe that the suggestion could have been a good one.

​Sometimes I can't believe I can be so naive!

​After so many bad experiences, by now I should be an expert in recognizing a scam even before I see it, but this time I missed it clean!

It must have been the fact that from a mom to another mom I would expect a little more honesty and not so much deception.

How is it possible that we still suggest to each other things that we know REALLY WELL will not work!

Instead of helping each others in succeeding online all we do is give the name a bad reputation and making it even harder for the one that do try honestly to make a difference to be trusted and grow their business.

Anyway going back to the Workinmob.com.


​At first glance the website seems quite official and the real deal.

No big promises, no get rich quick in a day claims and the picture of the woman on the phone makes it look like it could be a secretarial type of job.

Maybe some kind of virtual assistant position.

​Signing Up  with Workingmob.com

When you want to register for Workingmob.com all you have to do is put your email address, select a password of your choice, the country where you are staying and your full name ( for future payments ...or so they say)!!!



If you want to try it out please use another email and a password you normally would not use, not the one you probably using for every account that you have.

Generally speaking lots of people tend to use one email address and one password for everything because you are afraid you are going to forget it.

My personal advice would be DO NOT GIVE your email and especially your normal password to Workingmob.com....or you might have to change your password in all the accounts where you are currently using it.

​Who is Workingmob.com?

​That is a very good question and please if you have the answer let me now!

There is no owner name, no specific of when, or​ where it was founded or how it works and makes the money.

You will find an About Us section which is very basic and tells you what you have to do in order to get paid, and speaks as well about referrals earning possibilities.

​You are supposedly being paid by bank transfer, Cheque, PayPal and even Western Union!!!

You only need to work a couple of hours a day getting 1$ per entry data line!

Great isn't it?


​The Data Entry

So I have registered, and I found myself in my "back office"


 The task of Data Entry consists in typing in a space a set of CAPTCHA words that will appear on the screen. Every CAPTCHA that you type you get you either 1$ or 2 $ depending on the word.

As you type, you see the money being added up on your earning sections and when I tested it I went up to 40$ within a few minutes.

In order to request a withdrawal you have to reach a minimum amount of 100$ or so they say.

I stopped for one day and decided to go back the day after and guess what happen?

All Gone!!!

I will have to say when I registered the first time, I received a BONUS of 5$ straight away and I started to do some Data Entry soon afterwards. 

When Today I decided to write a review and went back to the site, I logged in but my 5 $ BONUS has ​dissapeared together with my "Data Entry earnings of the previous day"!

​Red Flags...and Many!


​At the end of every Revciew I usually have a list of Pros and Cons to help the reader get a clear idea of what the product or Service is all about. In this case it seemed to me almost superflous to have a list but just to remain in theme, here are my Pros & Cons:






Stay away from Workinmob.com, don't give them your email, password or name and if you do because you still want to try them out, make a name. an email and a password up.

Workingmob.com is simply a SCAM

Usually I would have one or two good words for some of these programs but in this case there is nothing at all.

The Contact Section of the site is a lie , the Customer Service Section is a lie and the Entire Scheme is simply a PURE 100% SCAM.

Please be careful if you have signed up already, go to your main sites and if you have used the same password that you normally use for your accounts and applied it to Workingmob.com, go back to your other accounts and change it.

I would not waste time writing to them or complaining, maybe you can raise a SCAM ALERT like I am doing but rather than that it will be a complete waste of time.

And please if you are starting an online business or already are active online, whatever you do, promote things that are real and good.

Do not support Scams Sites that are detrimental to people and to the entire Online Business Community that tries to make a living online but not at the expenses of other people.



Honest Ways to make a Living Online

I am not here to preach but I have fallen in the past for many of these types of schemes and it angers me to see that other fellow moms would suggest to someone that is trying to make some extra cash for her daughter birthday a site that has nothing to give but grief!

Earning a living online it is possible, I have done and this is what I do Today, but it certainly did not happen in a day and not without effort.

There are many good opportunities out there, I have learned my trade with Wealthy Affiliate University, and if you are interested in learning how to build the foundation of a long lasting online business from scratch, this is what I would seriously recommend you to look at.

We all dream "the work from home scenario", a few of us can turn that dream into a reality and it's all up to you and the level of commitment you are ready to apply.

Today I wanted to save you some time and give you a Review of a platform that would be a complete waste of your precious time; I hope you found it useful and I hope that you are not discouraged in pursuing your online career.

Remember: Everything is possible if you want to start an online business and become your own boss you just need the right guidance !

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