What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Program For ? A Woman Point Of View – Updated


Today I am writing a post dedicated to anyone that has tried and failed in the Internet World of the Affiliate Marketing, or any other marketing strategies as a matter of fact.

I would like to talk about my own experience with the Internet World and tell you exactly what is the Wealthy Affiliate Program for and why I am here to promote this Internet Course that has led me to my success and my financial freedom.

Let me just briefly say that I am a 49 years old woman and have never done anything online before. Or I should actually rephrase this and say that I tried many times but due to my “zero” knowledge in the field I have always failed.

This review is dedicated to whoever is out there searching for a valid, solid, 
reliable program that can teach you everything you need to know in order to succeed 
online and become your own boss. I did it. So can you!



  • Do you want to become knowledgeable about marketing strategies?
  • Do you want to learn how to write a Blog?
  • Do you want to make money and have a second income to help you out at the end of the month?
  • Are you looking for a complete turn around in your career?

Whatever it is that you want to do I can honestly tell you the Wealthy Affiliate program does have an answer for you.

Learn to become a writer, learn how to market a product that you want to create or already have, learn about SEO and how to become an expert in Keywords search, learn how to promote an affiliate program of your choice, learn, learn and learn.

That is all I can say. If you are willing to listen and apply yourself there is no one that can stop you from achieving your dreams.

Why can I say that?

Because for years I have been one of the most sceptical persons you will ever meet.

I have spent money buying courses that never got me anywhere; I have listened to great speeches about how I would have become rich and an expert in the field just in a few short weeks.

I wanted to believe so desperately that whatever these people were telling me online was true that I was blind enough not to see the alarming signs.

How can you really get rich in a week? How can you make $5000 just copying what someone else is doing and earn it in no time and with no effort? Today I would tell myself, how could I be so stupid?

I guess you live and learn.

But then I lost my job, I had nothing to lose and a lot of time at hand and I stumble upon an add, and a FREE STARTER COURSE FROM WHEALTHY AFFILIATE.

I must have read, seriously, 100s of reviews and research the net up and down before I decided to sign my self up for it. Even if it was FREE I did not want to waste any time and to be honest the name “Wealthy Affiliate” in itslef was making doubt already


That is actually it! I could not find a bad review and that has been my reason to start and of course the fact that was FREE to start with. I told myself, Barbara you have nothing to lose let’s check it out.

And there it was, the best Online Course I could have ever found. But let me tell you more about what is the Wealthy Affiliate Program for.

If what you are looking for is:

  • Support (Live Chat, SiteSupport, Q & A)
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Community
  • Training Courses, Step by Step
  • Weekly Live Classes (and 100’s of hours of replays)
  • Ambassadorship Program
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • The Affiliate Program
  • Networking
  • Building Websites
  • Website Performance Tools (SiteRubix)
  • Website Engagement Platform (SiteComments)
  • A Hosting Platform
  • A Site Content Writing Platform
  • Keyword Research Tool

look no further. Wealthy Affiliate is this and so much more.

You can try the program completely FREE and when and If you feel you want to get a full immersion in it you can upgrade to the full course.

But the great thing about it is that, contrary to many other courses online, that first give you a price, and once you have joined you find out you need to spend another fortune on another ten different programs that you will really need if you want to succeed, WA gives you a price AND ONLY ONE PRICE which is very cheap compare to many others and that is it, NO MORE UPSELLS SURPRISES.


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Not everyone has a gigantic budget to spend when they start something over the Internet; if you are there because you are looking to make some money maybe you don’t have any money to spend, to begin with, I didn’t.

WA did not ask for it.

They gave me the chance to try without spending any money and only after I saw how well structured the entire system was I decided to get into it and upgrade.  But even then the cost was minimal and I definitely could afford it.


Not many people could say that about a company especially when you talk about a marketing company. Today they come and tomorrow they disappear.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 14 years and that should be enough to persuade you to have a look.

And one of the best things: their attitude, their costs have been the same for the last 14 years.

Now, I will say no more.



My Final Thoughts and  Special Bonus

For me, it is a definite Yes. If you were asking yourself what is the Wealthy Affiliate Program for I hope I have given you an idea but as always I will tell you to check it out by yourself, form your opinion, try it for free.

I am a woman, and I dedicate this post to everyone, men or women, but if I am sincere, I hope women like me, will read it and find it in themselves to break free of that cycle that we constantly live, the cycle of waking up, look after everyone in the family, run to work, run back home, cook your dinner clean up, go to bed, and start it all over again tomorrow.

There is nothing wrong with all that, but I am a true believer that we are capable of so much more than that, and we all deserve an opportunity to try.

If you decide to give it a try and  join your FREE Starter Account you will not regret it.

It will be the best move you have ever made and I am going to offer you a bonus if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days (including a 59% discount).

When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, you will receive some more information about WA, how to get help and how to claim your bonus.

Believe me,  this is going to be some  an AWESOME  experience , as it has been for me since day 1.

You will never know what you have been missing all of these years until you step foot inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful COMMUNITY of people that have made me feel welcome from day one and I never had to wait more than 30 minutes if I ever had a doubt, a question or did not understand something.

I always had an answer. And I did not have to pay for that extra help. Everything was and is always included in this great program.

So I hope I gave you some good insights and I seriously invite you to discover how great WA can be for you.

Get Your Free Starter Pack Now


May you all have a blessed day.




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