What Is The Overnight Millionaire Program?

what is the overnight millionaire

Today I’d like to give you a Review of A Program my husband bought very recently: Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire. I know what you must be thinking because I thought the same thing too. When my husband showed me the title my first thought was  “what is the Overnight Millionaire Program, just another one of those get rich quick schemes?”

And mostly, “who the hell is Wesley Virgin?”

overnight millionaire system

Wesley Virgin And The ​Overnight Millionaire Review

After he bought it I was secretly praying this would not be another one of those scams that he had fallen pray in the past. But the best way to find out is to dig into the program and see for myself.

Introducing the Overnight Millionaire

At first glance it would not be a program I would buy into; the fact that I have a guy showing off his 5 or 10 cars in front of a camera and shouting rather than talking is not what would attract my attention.

The fact that he uses the  word millionaire in the title raises a thousands alarm bells.

Let’s be honest how many times have we heard online the Word becoming a millionaire within a very short space of time just by buying into a program and following some simple instructions ?

Hundreds of times! At least I have.

Most of them end up being false promises of  quick success, which would only attract  dreamers that don’t really want to put in the work.

I have been working online for quite a while now and I know my success is due to hard work, commitment , passion and it definitely did not happen overnight.

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learn while you earn

​What Wesley Virgin talks about it’s something my husband would buy into in a minute, making money and getting rich easily and without all the hard work I have put into it through the years.

But the question remains for me, is there a truth behind all this talking or is just plain and simple Bull….?

Only one way to find out: Check the program by myself.

What is the Overnight Millionaire System?

Wesley has a famous phrase he uses in his program: "Life is not a lottery based on luck” and I have to agree with that.

He is a multi-millionaire, and love to call himself "Billion Dollar Virgin".

Seriously? A bit of a Big Ego there, but let’s not be put off by the name, I didn’t.

Part of his fortune has been made thanks to one of his well-known products the Fat Diminisher that used to be promoted in Clickbank.

What Wesley does is teaching how to develop  a - millionaire mindset – and he does it through many products that he promotes and among them you can find the Overnight Millionaire.

what is the overnight millionaire program

“Think like a Millionaire if you want to be a Millionaire” this is what Wesley philosophy is all about. If you don’t think and believe you are one, you will never be one, period.

Well usually for me there is more to it than just thinking, or maybe it’s simply my mind and if I start to tell myself “ I am a Millionaire” there is a part of my mind that will definitely say “you are not a Millionaire, you are delusional!”.

But let’s stop for a minute, what if, just if, the beliefs that we have in our heads truly affect our environment, who we are, the situation we create, our financial  situation?

The famous law of attraction

People like Wesley don’t generally impress me but I have to be honest as well and say I was, and still am a firm believer in the law of Attraction.

If you all remember the movie/book, The Secret, I watched it over and over when it came out years ago.

I practice what the Secret was all about and I have had proof in my own personal life that are tangible and real and that have showed me indeed how the law of attraction works.

So let’s go back to Wesley.

In reality his system will not automatically make you  rich.

overnight millionaire system

What Wesley does is sharing with you  a system that  has made him a millionaire, and he tells you all about it.

Are the teaching worth?

You can definitely learn something from it, I can deny it.

There is no magic formula he will give you that will instantly make you rich; what Wesley does is ​ guiding you to  develop the right mental attitude, and  he also shares with you a lot of useful tips on how to sell products in affiliate marketing.

Without any doubt he knows what he is talking about since he has made his initial fortune just by doing that, so if you like the way he teaches, he might just be what you need to get that mindset where it needs to be.

How much does it cost?

The Overnight Millionaire System  comes with a price tag of  $20, which is not that expensive I guess and at checkout  time you are  given a 10% discount coupon code + a 60 days Money Back Guarantee.

The Overnight Millionaire Package

What do you get for 20$?

More than the theoretical and technical stuff Wesley explains to you how to develop your correct mind set.

When we want to achieve something we always go for the  “knowing how to do it” .

I know, myself, I ​always want to know the "how part" of the equation.

What Wesley  does is taking a different approach, he asks you to write down why you want what you want.

For him, knowing why you want to become a millionaire or improve your financial situation is more important  than How you are going to achieve that.

The Overnight Mindset Hacks

what is the overnight millionaire program

In the Overnight Mindset Hacks Package you will find

  1. 5-Sets of MP3 audio files to listen to for a minimum of 60 days that will affect your subconscious mind
  2. A Set of Video clips that are both motivational and educational and that include  things like
  • how to develop new ideas that could potentially make you rich and write them down.
  • How to visualize having a bank account that is satisfactory according to your desires.
  • How to develop a successful skill set that people value and will pay for
  • How  important it is  to listen to people who actually are Millionaires
  • How to develop a strong belief in yourself to keep pushing forward and never  give up
  • How to become a master of marketing, sales  and persuasion as a newbie  ( which he obviously knows how to do very well)

Getting to know Wesley

Among the set of Videos you will find as well Wesley own personal story.

With no doubt I have to admit he is a very good story teller, he talks about his own struggle when he had no money , talks about his family and also about the moment that made him absolutely determined to become successful.

Even though he is not exactly “my cup of tea” Wesley's story is  definitely relatable to many, and it  does make you reflect.

How can we become successful if we don’t value ourselves enough? We are powerful human beings and with the right mindset, we can do anything.

I know I felt exactly like that the day the Company that I had worked for 15 years shut the doors to many employees including myself.

I wanted to turn my life around completely. I did not want to be anyone's employee anymore, I wanted to be in charge of my own life.

If I didn’t believe I could, I would have never been here today typing away my weekly Blog from the comfort of my own home while outside is raining.

work from home

The Overnight Millionaire

You don’t need to spend years reading books, going to seminars and watching YouTube videos in hopes of achieving financial success. All you need is 

​A simple formula for installing a new set of wealthy beliefs

​Any up-sells?

When my husband buys something it’s never one single Price, there is always some extra here and there so I had to investigate a little further.

As I said at the beginning the first program comes with a Price Tag of $ 20 after that there are a few up-sells:

  • The Affirmation Cash Course $17 – On this particular products Wesley offers a 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee. It’s a series of Affirmations designed to develop and strengthen  the power of ​ positive thinking
  • The Million Dollar Persuasion & Psychology Techniques $9 Teaches you the secrets of "Cognitive psychological triggers" . What makes a person buy  something? How to recognize those triggers and apply them for you to be successful
  • The Unrevealed Secrets Of A Millionaire Mind $99. Now this is definitely a Little more expensive than the previous two.​ It’s a 10-day course with some mind-boggling and question raising subjects.

The Unrevealed Secrets of A Millionaire Mind

As I went through it, I found that in this course Wesley breaks down some of the factors that can prevent us from being successful and achieve that financial freedom we are all striving for.

Some of the subject he touches are:

  • Why  friends and family may be the reason you are unable to create the life you deserve and how disconnecting from negative people that are preventing you from developing a millionaire mindset might be the only option
  • How to learn from Millionaires, listen to them when they talk and be able to  recognize the lessons you can take away with you
  • Why you haven’t been successful so far and what has prevented you from becoming a Millionaire.
  • Why school doesn't really teach you how to become the successful person you deserve to be. On this specific topic, I must admit I had to agree. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been the type of person that promotes education and I have two kids I am constantly pushing to continue their studies. But I also realize that there are plenty of very well educated people out there and being educated have not necessarily given them an automatic route to success in life
  • Share your wealth if you want to be really successful. Now this I really like, the concept of sharing is not often touched when you speak about money , especially millions, but the fact that Wesley promotes the sharing of wealth is quite unique in the marketing, internet world.

Great tips for affiliate marketing sales

Passed all the affirmation and law of attraction and positive thinking, the course is not just about that, I have found he gives some good tips and advises on how to sell your products online.

Whether you are using Clickbank, or Amazon, or ShareASale or any other platform there are many useful suggestion Wesley shares with you.

Some of his teachings, I found reminded me my own online learning platform at Wealthy Affiliate.

I have to agree with Wesley in all of his tips, because that’s what I use on a daily basis running my own business and this is what I actually learned at Wealthy Affiliate University.

Things like

  • How important it is to be an expert in your chosen niche.
  • How to be able to address a problem, find out how many people have the problem, and create the solution is one of the keys to affiliate marketing success
  • How, if you are  an affiliate, the key is to make your sales page better than the seller's original page.

Is Wesley Virgin a guru?

One of the main differences between him and some others positive mind talkers you can find online for me  is that Wesley is down to earth and I can see why  lots of people would be able to relate to  him.

His style might not be for everyone, he is extremely pumped up when he talks, and if I am 100% honest not the type of person I would immediately listen to.

I simply prefer ​a calmer , low key type of character but I can’t deny he is full of charisma and definitely appealing to many out there.

Is he a guru? I think the Word guru is misused nowadays by way too many people.

I can’t see him as a guru but I would define him as a powerful motivational speaker and one that also likes to give away a lot of his earning to charities and people in need which you don’t often see in this type of field.

He Spends A Lot On Good Causes

Wesley donates a lot of money to the local church and charities because ​ he believes  sharing is the right thing to do. Share and people will share back. Give to receive. What goes around comes around. ​

My Final Verdict

​The Good and The Bad

​I can't really say it's bad as positive thinking is not a bad thing per se'. So this is my summery and conclusion when it comes to Mr.Wesley:


  • You'll get all the success tips from a REAL millionaire.
  • Easy to understand, Wesley speaks like an everyday person
  • Extremely motivational


  • A little Too loud for my taste


Overnight Millionaire Review : Scam or Not?

After having an in depth look at the program, I had to agree with my husband that  Wesley Virgin  is not a Scam.

I think depending on  what you are expecting from the program you will understand and appreciate it or not.

You won’t get a manual with written instructions on social tactics and ​how to  become immediately rich.


What you are getting from the Overnight Millionaire is a lot of motivational  content that you will be able to use to build ​your own future career.

​The  tips, advises, motivational talks ​come from a person that speaks from the heart, ​a millionaire​ that uses very relatable language.

If you are a skeptic but you haven't been successful, ​maybe it wouldn't hurt to listen to Wesley, and maybe, just maybe, he is what you really need in order to achieve that success you have been striving for​.

The Overnight Millionaire

You don’t need to spend years reading books, going to seminars and watching YouTube videos in hopes of achieving financial success. All you need is 

A simple formula for installing a new set of wealthy beliefs

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