What Is The Best Program To Create Videos Online? How To get more Traffic For Your Website Free.

What is the best program to create videos online? That is a good question, a question I have been trying to avoid for a long time.

Today I would like to talk about a topic that I ignored for a long time when I first started my Online Business: How to create a video for YouTube and find ways to get more traffic for your website without having to spend any money at all.

Creating Videos had been a topic of discussion for quite some time between myself and my husband; he kept telling me that to improve my blog and increase the revenue I was losing money by not creating videos and upload them on YouTube. On the other hand, every time he touched the subject I was ready with a thousand different excuses to postponed the entire video scenario.

Why? Don’t really know, to be honest, I think it was as simple as being shy and fearing the rejection once I put my face online for everyone to see.

I kept telling myself no one would understand me because I was speaking English but I am obviously not English and my accent would make me look silly; I kept saying I needed time to prepare and there was a lot to learn before someone could publish something on a video.

I kept saying I had no idea how to edit videos…..anyway you get the idea, the excuses were endless, and the reality is I was simply just afraid.

You must do Videos if you want to improve your traffic


This is a reality, whether we like to admit it or not, there are so many people out there that would rather watch someone talk on the net that read what they have to say, my own kids, watch YouTube videos all the time.

My older son was studying Spanish history in school and he was bored to death, then this year (he has finished with the subject he found a YouTube channel that talks about Spanish history and now suddenly he seems to love the subject and look at it with a complete set of different eyes.

So I had to take the step, I had to do a video. Videos are an excellent free way to put yourself out there, people can see you, people can get to know the real you, people will listen to you if you talk about something that they are interested in and when you like someone, it is easier for you to share their staff with other people you know….

So you see? It’s like a chain reaction of free advertising providing you have something to say.

The benefits of videos

As much as I don’t’ like to admit it, making videos has a whole set of advantages when you are working online.

  • Videos allow you to say so many things in a faster way; when you type it takes time,(it’s taking me time now as I am typing) but a video can make the whole process faster and, yes, as I said people love to listen more than they love to read.
  • Videos can help you get indexed quickly on Google, yes even videos have keywords and there are so many keywords that do not have a keyword associated to it which makes them automatically a good opportunity to get out there.
  • Videos allow you to show your brand. When people start to watch you and listen to you they get to know you, they get to know your style, so videos are a fantastic way to get your brand out there to the world.


What to talk about on videos?

Creating videos talking about something that you like, you know, or you have a passion for is probably the easiest way to start on YouTube. For me, the first step was making a video where people could see me but I did not want to be in the centre of the picture, I guess I was still too shy. I wanted to provide a service, maybe help someone with something I had learned and knew and could comment or suggest.

So my first video was about reviewing a program I have joined and what did you get with the program in you ever decided to join.

It was easy to do, much easier than I expected; of course, I could have done it ten times better, but it was the first so I was actually very proud just for the fact that I made my first step and actually enjoy the process.

There are thousands of ideas out there that can inspire you in creating videos. You can literally talk about anything on YouTube; everyone does and they don’t necessarily make sense all the time.  Talk about what you like and make videos about

  • food recipes
  • your personal lifestyle
  • reviews of products
  • teaching languages
  • teaching computer programs
  • travelling
  • restaurants
  • video games
  • fashion

I mean the list is seriously infinite, and if you don’t want to start by putting your face straight up on screen because, like me, you are shy, do videos that can be somehow educational, showing on screen things that you know, food that you prepare, computer software that you use and can teach other people to use it too.

Free programs to Create Videos Online and Offline

Many of you might not be ready to invest in any money by buying video cameras or complicated software especially if you are at the beginning of your journey and are not really sure how many videos you will actually ever do.

So before going out to spend big money here are a few ideas that you can use, simple tools that are available to you and that should allow you to experiment with the video world before you upgrade to anything bigger.

When we are making videos we should make a distinction between the videos that you can make on the outside world, the one that you do recording experiences, places, or even cooking food and the videos you create  when you want to teach people something, for example, using your own computer as a “blackboard” sort of speak.

Offline tools

If you are thinking of doing a video that might include yourself or your surrounding the cheapest way to do it is by using your mobile device.

Almost everyone has a mobile now and you can start by simply recording your stuff over the phone. Obviously, depending on the quality of the phone, you will have good or better videos but don’t forget this is the beginning of your journey, one day you can upgrade and by your GoPro or your Canon Vixia.

For now, let’s stick to

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets.
  • Pc or Mac Cameras (built in)
  • Digital Cameras that record video
  • Webcams

Online Tools

When I first started since I was not so comfortable in having a video with just me online, full screen I opted for doing videos of things I knew how to work over the internet or videos about particular programs I have bought or experimented with and I could review.

This type of videos implies that a big portion of your screen is occupied by the image of the program you are talking about and you as a person are in a little corner usually the right side bottom part of the screen. This is assuming that you want to be seen. You can also do a video and just talk and don’t appear at all but I find that people like to see who is talking and it helps establish a sense of trust.

Some excellent tools available online and free to use are

Free tools

  • Screencast-o-Matic ( the one I used from the beginning)  Free, Online based, and if you wish you can cheaply upgrade to Pro. Screen-cast-o-Matic has the feature of exporting directly your video to YouTube. It is very easy to use, straight forward nothing too complicated, you can even add some music to the background, use the full screen without you in the picture, use the screen with yourself in a little corner, or simply use the screen and just record yourself. Screen-cast works with your pc or Mac built-in camera and the upload of the video to YouTube is done automatically. The Free version of Screen-cast allows you 15 minutes which is usually long enough.
  • Jing – Online based, good for sharing content and creating short videos

Paid tools

Even though I am getting better at Videos I still  have not  invested any money in any big software, but here are two screencast programs worth having if videos are your main business online:


  • Camtasia (PC & Mac) – Excellent Tool, Widely used by video pros
  • Screenflow (Mac) – This will be my future project, I have a Mac, I love Mac and I have been told it is the best options to use when operating with Apple. There are a few things to learn to use it properly but it’s one of the most used software for videos online.

An excellent videos to watch  to learn how to create videos online is the training provided by WA Platform. If you want to watch it I leave the link to the video here below:


So there you have it.

Ready yet? I hope this little review or article might have inspired you in taking that first step towards the video creating world, don’t be shy, have fun, and remember you will only get better and better.

If you want to improve your website, blog or e-commerce, Videos marketing is a  great part of your future, visual effect is there to stay, people are very much visual, they love to see, so all you have to do now is give them something to watch.

Take care and have fun!





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