What is Pretty Links? Understanding the WordPress Plugin!

There are so many Plugins when you use WordPress that sometimes it can be difficult to decide which ones you really need and which one would just slow down your website. Pretty Links is one of those plugins I have installed on more than one of my blogs and it has helped me improve the overall look and function of the site. But what is Pretty Links exactly?

Pretty Links helps you  create affiliate links in WordPress

Pretty Links Plugin

Active installations: + 200,000

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

License: Free and payment

Update frequency: Good


Understanding Pretty Links

The Pretty Links plugin is an excellent tool to improve the conversions of affiliate links in WordPress.

It also works as a fairly useful URL shortener for bloggers, social media experts and those working to promote affiliates.

Managing affiliate links in WordPress can be a real challenge, but thanks to the Pretty Links plugin, this task becomes really simple.

What is the Pretty Links plugin?

Pretty Links is a WordPress plugin that allows you to mask those links that you do not want to show in their original aspect. The links will be more transparent not only for Google robots but also for visitors to your site.

Thanks to its functionality as a URL shortener, your audience will not see links that are too long. In addition, this powerful tool offers you the option of statistics, allowing you to track the functioning of your links.

This plugin for WordPress is the ideal solution for all the people who place affiliate links on the site and any link that you transfer to external sites. In the Pretty Links plugin configuration, you can set the type of redirection, the name and the attribute of the links that point to the destination pages.

How can you install Pretty Links

To install the Pretty Links plugin you must do as with all the plugins listed in the WordPress repository.

Go to your Dashboard in WordPress and in the admin panel find the Plugin section. Click on the link Add new and search for Pretty Links using the search box.


After performing the search you will find a list of results, locate the Pretty Links plugin, click on install and then activate it.

Once installed, you will see a link to the plugin in the lower area of the administration menu of your WordPress.


How to use Pretty Links?

You have 2 options to create attractive affiliate links in WordPress using the Pretty Links plugin.


Create an affiliate link from the menu

The first option is entering through the Pretty Links plugin menu, on the left side of the WordPress admin panel.

After clicking on Add New Link the page for the creation of your new affiliate link will open. As soon as you open the page, the URL shortener functionality will generate a short 4-character link.

Redirection: Using a selector, the Pretty Links plugin allows you to choose between 3 types of redirection (307, 302 and 301). Being 307 the most suitable for affiliate links.
Target URL: after choosing the type of redirection you must fill out the Target URL area, entering the affiliate link you wish to mask. This is the destination URL.

Pretty Link: the next step is to define the new link in the Pretty Link field. Although the tool automatically creates a 4-character string, you may want to customize your link making look appealing and not too long and definitely less “affiliate like”

The Title: here you will place a descriptive title of the link but I often leave it blank, it will not affect the functionality of your link
Notes: where you can place comments on the link you are masking.

What are the Advanced Options?

Additionally, you will find a drop-down section of advanced options. In this section you can choose a group for your new link, you can also define your link as No Follow, add parameters forwarding and mark the option for tracking the links generated by the URL shortener.

How to Create links in the WordPress editor


The second way to create affiliate links with Pretty Links is by using the option in the WordPress editor. Among the editing options, you will find a yellow star through which you can customize your affiliate links in WordPress.

To use this option you only have to select the anchor text for your link and click on the star. A pop-up window with options to customize your affiliate link will open.

From here you can create a new link or use a link previously created.

Ways to configure Pretty Links

The Pretty Links plugin has a series of features that make it a powerful tool for managing links. Within the menu of this plugin, we find the following options.

Pretty Links:

In this section, you will find the list of all the links that you have created and that are managed with this tool. You can edit or delete the links you created in the past and you also have the possibility to edit or delete multiple links.

Add New Link

Here you can create a new personalized link using the various features provided by the URL shortening plugin.


This is one of the features that highlight this plugin above most, in its category. It allows knowing the statistics of the links by means of a graph quite easy to interpret.


If you work with various affiliate companies, you can create the necessary groups to order your affiliate links in WordPress.


In this section, you will find additional features such as a bookmark that will allow you to create personalized links from the URL you are visiting at a certain moment. You can also delete the clicks received in the last 30 days, last 90 days or delete all clicks.


Within the Options section, you will find what is necessary to customize the functioning of the plugin by default. You can also customize the options for managing reports.

Other options available instead of using Pretty Links

In addition to Pretty Links, there are other alternatives for managing your affiliate links in WordPress.

In all of my websites, I have used and still use Pretty Links, but if you want to explore the territory a bit and find one that suits you better, you can have a look at:

Thirsty Affiliates

Although it is a payment tool, the acquisition of this plugin is a good investment. Thirsty Affiliates allows you to administer affiliate links in WordPress quickly and easily.

Regardless of the size of your website, this tool allows you to control and carry out effective affiliate marketing campaigns.

Easy Affiliate Links

This is one of the free plugins that everyone who starts affiliate marketing should know. In addition to converting your affiliate links into attractive links, it also allows you to know the statistics of your links.

Thanks to this functionality you can analyze the performance of your links as monthly clicks and clicks obtained throughout the life of each link.

Learning Tools

If you wish to learn more about Pretty Links, here is a Video Tutorial that I followed during my training course that will give you a clear explanation on how to use Affiliate Links in general and with a specific part dedicated to Pretty Links.

WA Platform offers tons of Videos like this one and more to help you get a better understanding of the WordPress/Blog/Website world. You can join the Platform completely free with the Starter Pack and begin to understand if the Internet World is truly what you are looking for.

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