Wealthy Affiliate The Premium Membership Review [ Should You Upgrade Or Not? ]

Today I would like to have a look at the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership, the Pros and Cons of the Upgrading Version that the Platform has to offer and hopefully I will able to help you in deciding if Wealthy Affiliate is, or isn’t what you are looking for.

First of all, let’s refresh our minds and for those of you that don’t know Wealthy Affiliate let me just briefly explained what it is and why they call it the WA University Online.

Wealthy Affiliate University Online

WA is an online platform that has been around since 2005, with a track record that can be checked of over 14 years.

In the online industry, whoever knows and understands about the marketing world, will agree with me that 14 years in business is definitely proof of the legitimacy and quality of the program.

But why do they call it the University online?

The answer is quite simple: even though I will say, Wealthy Affiliate is not a University per se, (like we know the University to be) the amount of knowledge, tutorials, videos, classes, support, training that you gain within the platform can definitely be compared to a true University of marketing and Online Business, with one difference, the price.

Not many people can afford to go to an actual University, but at 0,98.00$ a day almost everyone can afford to become a student of Wealthy Affiliate.

The Interactive training courses are for everyone, whether you are a Newbie, and have no idea where to begin your online career and are looking for guidance and directions, or you are an advanced learner and want to improve your business online and turn it into a successful long term, solid income then WA University is for you.

Can I start with the Free option: The Starter Pack?

Of course, you can, many are afraid of investing money online, I was afraid too and if I was  you and was not sure of what to do I would definitely start with the Free Option which is a Starter Pack that gives you more than enough material to be able to understand and make up your mind if Wealthy Affiliate is what you need.

I have been a member of WA for over a year, and in my online journey, I have invested a lot of money in the wrong programs.

Maybe it was me, and I did not have a clue, maybe some programs were too good to be true, and maybe some others were pure scams and I have fallen for it.

I am sure I was not the first and unfortunately I won’t be the last.

But then I landed on WA and the Starter Pack was the only option I would have considered at the beginning, cause I simply was not ready to invest any money whatsoever.

They did not require a credit card so that sounded perfect for me

I have written a post for the Free Starter Pack option and if you are curious to find out more details about it, please feel free to read the article. I live the link here: The Starter Pack Review.

What does the Premium offer?

If you have tried the Starter Pack and feel like you want to continue and grow your knowledge and experience at the Wealthy Affiliate University, this is what you will get from a Premium Version of the program:

  • An Online Entrepreneur Certification with over 50 lessons that will teach you the basic and fundamental rules of Online Business and will enable you to start any type of business Online and make it successful.

The Online Certification is also available through the Starter Pack but it comprises level 1 of the course while the Premium has 4 extra levels.

  • A 70 lesson Bootcamp that will bring even a newbie to a level of knowledge that will allow you to be successful and build a thriving business.


  • The Bootcamp, I found to be more specific, for those that want to have an affiliate marketing career and if you are not sure yet of what you can or want to promote in order to earn an income, WA provides the tools and the products to promote, making it easy for you if you are still undecided on the Niche.


  • Live Classes: There are weekly live classes that are also recorded and if you are on one side of the world where (like mine) it becomes hectic to participate to a live class because of the difference in the hours) then you can access the classes at the time you prefer and still get the knowledge, and you can even ask questions that will be answered in no time.


  • More than 300 hours of video training and tutorials that have been also recorded and you can play them at your own leisure and replay them again if something wasn’t clear. The classes cover everything:
  • how to find your Niche
  • how to build your Website
  • how to find a hosting program (which is included in the membership)
  • how to understand and develop SEO
  • how to create good content
  • how to write blogs and find the right keywords
  • how to make Social Media work in your favour
  • how to attract your audience
  • how to build a mailing list
  • how to promote your business without having to spend any money
  • how to promote your business using PPC
  • how to grow your audience using YouTube
  • how, how, how,…

seriously the list is so long I could continue for quite a while but I don’t want to bore you, and I also think that if you are interested you might want to read it directly from the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

  •      There are over 1,000 training modules that cover pretty much everything you could imagine in terms of running an online business


  • Daily tasks to help you complete the lesson before you continue.  So it isn’t only theory, you actually get to put in to practice directly at the end of each lesson and you have the opportunity to see if what you thought you learned, you have understood properly or not. If you missing something or you don’t get it, all you have to do is go to support and it takes less than 30 minutes for them to get back at you with, hopefully, the answer you were looking for.

What else does the Premium Membership offer?

Training and University aside, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership will give you plenty of tools and benefits to help you launch your online business.

  • You will get a hosting platform where you can build up to 50 different websites, (if you ever get to have so many) and they are all hosted under the same Site Rubix hosting site which is again included in your Premium


  • When you build a business online you will need a website. WA gives you WordPress as a tool to use to build your site with over 3000 designs to choose from and create something unique and representing your own brand


  • Over 50000 Add-Ons. If you are familiar with add-ons you will know every site need some plugins, some extra features to make it look nicer and make it work better. Well, WA gives you all the add-ons you need and with an easy system that will allow you, with one click to add a shopping cart to your site or a special design plugin, a subscriber form and so much more


  • Your Site Speed, Wealth and Protection are extremely important for your business. The last thing you want to do is open a business online and have a site that loads too slow, in unsecured and starts malfunctioning. WA will take care of that for you as well


  • Keyword search tools, Site rankings analysis, tracking of your website, brainstorming of ideas, are just a few of the features that are available to you through the site


  • Besides the continuous maintenance and protection of your site run directly by the platform, you also will have a 24/7/365 a year Support. They claim to have an average response time for the support that is about 5 minutes and to be honest I have had plenty of times where I asked questions and got a reply within 5 minutes. Sometimes it could be 10 or 15 but nevertheless is still the best support I have ever received from an Online Program


  • Team Work. There is technical support and there is what I call the mental, emotional support, the type of support you will need when a month has gone by, you have done all the things you needed to do but you still have not made money and begin to doubt yourself and if you made the right choice. There, is when you truly feel the spirit behind the community and you understand why Wealthy Affiliate has been around for so many years

What are the Pros and the Cons


To be honest, to write a list of the Pros of the Premium Membership seems almost obvious and superfluous. What I have listed so far should be a good presentation of all the good features the platform offers the members.


Yes, I have one, and I rather be honest. Wealthy Affiliate is not the type of program where you are going to make money within a week or two or even three.

You can build a good and solid business because they teach how to build the foundation of your business before anything else but if you are looking for something that will allow you to make a quick income, then, the site is not for you.

It will take time, some made it in three months before they began to see an income, and lots of it has also to do with the NIche you are in and what it is you are selling.

For me, it took me six months before I began to see success. So it’s up to you and if you are up for the task.

The difference between Wealthy Affiliate and other companies

There are literally tons of programs, courses, platforms out there that offer online material and claim to help you achieve your financial independence.

My husband has always loved the idea of making money online and has more than once joined different marketing programs. Was it successful all the time? Truth? No, some worked out ok, some didn’t at all, but one thing they all had in common, was the fact that they made his money for a while and then stopped existing.

Wealthy Affiliate will not promise you any money straight away, they won’t tell you, you will become rich in no time, they won’t tell you it is easy and can be done with just a few minutes of your time invested each day.


They will tell you, you can be successful if you do the work; you will make an income if you are committed to the course, and treat this venture as a job, a serious job.

They will tell you that as long as you follow the classes and do it right and have patience, you will see the fruits of your work, but it will take at least 5 to 6 months before you start to see it, and it will only be, if you are fully committed to change your life and your actual work.

If you want to change your future, this is definitely an opportunity, but the greatness or failure of this opportunity is on you.

The Premium Membership is for those that are fully committed to changing their future and their life, and the realization of their dreams depends only on the effort they, you, are ready to put it.

Wealthy Affiliate will give you all the tools; the achievement of your goals depends only on how ready you are and how well you will use the tools that have been given to you

So this is my review of WA and  I hope I have given an honest, not pretentious opinion of the Premium Membership. Is it worth it?

For me, it was, for you? I don’t know, only you know your answer.

But if you are ready for a change, maybe, just maybe, this is your one opportunity not to be missed.

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