Viral Pay Review or Viral Bulls….

Ok, 5 days ago I have seen an article online talking about how this Viral Pay New Scheme was giving free money as soon as you signed up. Signing up was free and I am always ready for some Free money so I look for it online and Signed Up for “the greatest program ever”!
5 days later here I am and I would really like to save you some time and give you a very simple, upfront Viral Pay Review, which like the title of my Blog say more than Viral Pay it should be called  Viral Bull…

So what’s Viral Pay?

Company Name: Viral Pay

Owner: Unknown

Founded date (apparently) 2015

URL: Viralpay.com

Price: Free To Join with 25$ Bonus after joining

Rating: 1 out of 5 Stars

To simply explain it I will tell you my personal experience step by step as soon as I signed up.

I will say now five days have gone by and I have not cashed any money out yet because I have not completed all the tasks they were asking me to do. So there might be a tiny little microscopic possibility  that you could actually make money from it but I have yet to prove that and I have not come across anyone that I knew personally, and I could trust to confirm me if they actually pay you out or not what you supposedly have earned

But let’s start from the beginning.

To Sign up you go to Viralpay.com as I said before and it is very simple, put down your name, surname choose a user name and give them an email address and create your own password and click apply. As simple as that and you are in, no need to pay anything.

As soon as you signed up, true to their words you see in your account your first 25$.

Now so far so good, one would think.

Once you are in let’s have a look at what you will find

This is the Dashboard of your Viral Pay back office. Please note the number 55$ this was my account 15 minutes after I signed up. Originally I had 25 $ but after a few clicks here and there and a few Referral Link shares between Twitter and Pinterest and Facebook, within 15  minutes my 25$ had transformed into a 55$.

On the left-hand side of your Dashboard, you have all you need if you want to promote the Program.

The Refer&Earn link

It takes you to your own personal links and an automatic share button allows you to access directly the different social media Channels.

The 30$ Task Wall Link

It takes you to the page where you are supposed to complete various tasks, such as questionnaires and promotional advertising and the idea is that if you complete a task you can earn an additional 30 or 25 $ each task.

Obviously, the tasks are detecting the country you are in, so I was doing mine from Spain and the tasks are coming up all in Spanish but I believe if you are in the US or any other English speaking country you should get it in your own language.

Now I did complete the first two tasks except, I was asked to put in a phone number and I didn’t give a good one,  actually I gave mine except for one digit. Now I didn’t get any message that was asking me to confirm the phone number and I was allowed to do the entire questionnaire and finish the task.

In the end, they say you should wait approximately 10 minutes to receive your credit of 25 $ or 30 $ but I waited and nothing happened.

Again it could be my lack of phone number there so I can’t really confirm.

The Promotional Post Link

Here you find your material, banners, photos that you can use to promote the Program

The YouTube Subscription link

Like every good program, one of the best ways of advertising is done through YouTube Videos and apparently if you prepare a Video and put it up on your YouTube channel, you get a 50 $ pay for that, just for promoting Viral Pay.

Moving down on your dashboard we will find the My Account Link which takes you to your basic information and where you can ask which way you want to be paid once you are ready to cash in.

Which will take me to the next two links, the payments and Cash Out?

Now here I had a little problem because I wanted to test if I could actually cash out any money that I had so far made. When I went to the link what I found was :


So here is the first catch: you cannot cash out anything until you get your 20 original clicks, (which I suppose are not that difficult to get and not by cheating) your 5 referrals and you have completed at least 4 tasks.

The last one is a bit of a catch and I can’t really confirm or deny because like I said I did not feel comfortable in giving out my phone number (simply worried of getting paid advertising that ends up on my phone bills).

So there you have it, I could not cash out anything yet.

I am still pondering if I should try with a number that is a pay as you go number so I don’t run the risk of receiving any big bill….but if I decide to go ahead and do it I will definitely let you know.

To end my search I went to the help section which will take you to a FAQ area, and some video testimonials real or not I am not sure, that obviously show you a bunch of very happy people making lots and lots of money…


At first impression, and because I am a very sceptical person, I would say Viral Pay is another SCAM in disguise. I might be wrong but I still need to prove that. The Company does not have a clear owner, and to be totally honest doesn’t really tell you what they do.

I guess they count on people getting hooked on the money part that you almost end up forgetting what is the company supposed to do.

Ok, they will tell you  that quoting their words :

“Viral Pay was founded in 2015 to help avid social media users turn their usage into money. Our parent company has been creating online marketing solutions since 2005 and Viral Pay is just an addition to the family. At Viral Pay, our main goal is simple; help as many people as possible change their lives by taking advantage of social media”
But this is just a bunch of words that really don’t mean anything if you stop and think about it.
I have also sent an email trying to contact them at hello@viralpay.com but I am still waiting for a reply.
While my account keeps growing….Ha HA HA
Now I might be totally wrong, but until I get a reply from these people or I am  allowed to take the money out of the account  all I am gonna say is:
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