Udemy Online Courses Review: A Mother/Student Opinion

Hi everyone, as the title says, I am a mom and a user of Udemy Online courses and after watching my kids using the platform and myself using it in different occasions I think I am ready now to give a proper opinion of this online Training Platform and give you my Udemy Online Courses Review!

Udemy is a very popular educational platform that you can often see through ads on Facebook, or Instagram and many other Social Media.

Being so popular it is easy to get attracted by their ads and sign up for one or many of the courses they have to offer. But is Udemy really that good? Or is it another one of those websites that promise you the world to let you down shortly after you have signed up?

In order to answer a question like this, the best way for me to do it was to actually go through some of their courses and be able to test first-hand how good or not good they are.

To top things up I do have two kids, not so little anymore, one is 19 and the other 15 and they have used in many occasions Udemy platform to learn different topics they were interested in. Especially my 19 years old, is studying 3D and Animation and Web development with Multimedia and he has gone through various of Udemy Courses to simply specialized in particular areas he needed to expand his knowledge.

Most of the time when you read reviews, the only interest of the writer is to convince the reader to purchase something using the excuse that they know what they are talking about; but this time for me is about sharing my own experience with Udemy as an educational system and then if you are interested or not in joining any classes that’s entirely up to you.

But enough said, let’s have a look at the program:

Udemy Online Courses Review

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Product Type:  Educational Online Platform

Price:  Free to Register and Courses prices varies; a one-time payment. The starting price is usually 10.99$ and up.

Best For:  If you want to develop some extra skills or specialize in a particular topic or develop new interests

Rating: 90/100

Recommended:  Definite Yes.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is an Online Educational Platform that offers thousands of courses on the most varied topics with video training and tutorials given by experts in particular subjects.

It’s has a lot to offer for a very small Fee and the training is actually a legitimate class, not some made up a course that promises a lot but doesn’t deliver on the material.

My son has used it in multiple occasions and every single time he signed up for a specific course he got everything he needed from the learning materials that came in form of videos, books or audio to accreditation at the end of the course and even a Certification.

For what concerns the Accreditation and Certification I must specify, not all courses given by Udemy offer a Certification but this is clearly explained at the beginning, before you sign up for it, you know in advance what you can and cannot expect from a particular course.

Udemy background

Just to give a little history of the platform, Udemy was founded in 2010 giving students from anywhere in the world the possibility to access lessons and classes that otherwise, sometimes, maybe because of their location they would not be able to access.

In a sense, Udemy makes education available to everyone and this is one of the aspects I like most of the platform. No discrimination; no unaffordable prices, everyone can be part of this education online system

And I mean everyone.

The Courses

Whether you want to learn how to market and develop Facebook ads, get an advanced course on Photoshop CC or have an entire MBA of Business School in just one course, Udemy’s classes are individually designed by different experts and instructors and are checked for quality.

The check of the quality of the training offered ensures that what you get is actually an education that is worth having and not a course taught by someone that doesn’t have the appropriate skills.

When it was time to buy the courses for my son, we looked and looked and even if it was just a small 10.00$ or 20.00$ fee I was not ready to pay for something not teaching the right stuff, neither was my son.

It wasn’t even about the money but it definitely was about the quality.


Exploring the options in Udemy

Once you sign up for Free with Udemy you can explore the platform and see the various courses available.

One very good thing the platform puts at your disposal is the fact that all the courses are not taught by one single instructor, instead you might find the same type of courses offered by different experts, one might be specializing more in one aspect than another, but by doing so you have the opportunity to find exactly what it is you are looking for.

In a sense, once you are looking for a course is almost like when you are buying something online, you get to a particular store and then you read the various products and options and reviews and ratings until you find what you are looking for and you are convinced this is the one for you.

Who is teaching the courses?

Being an open market of the educational system Udemy requires all the various instructors to give their Full name or company name when they offer a course Online.

There are literally thousands and thousands of courses available at the moment, some are always there, some come and go, but that doesn’t mean the course is not good, it depends on the availability of the instructor himself and if they decide to change, update or offer another type of course. So, there is plenty of education to go through in order to pick the right course for you.

The teachers available also offer different levels of these courses, some are basic courses and excellent as a start point for newbies to a particular area and some are advanced courses that you can take if you have any previous knowledge of the particular subject.

From Basic to Advanced

With so many Courses being offered, each course will cover the most basic information to the more advanced or more specific coursework.

To give you an idea, my son was searching for a particular course for 3D Animation and he was presented with over 4992 different courses to choose from ( as you can see from the screenshot above)

You can sort out the options using Filters that allow you to see the courses available from the most expensive to the cheapest, or depending on the rating given from other student and the relevance to your specific search, the newest of the courses. Anyway, you select your filters from the Dashboard of Udemy and then have a clear vision of what is available to you.

If you are not too sure about your expertize on a particular topic in the middle of the page of your search you can find also a best-rated area by beginners which show you which one was the courses that another student like yourself preferred.

This is for me an excellent feature of the platform because it shows what are people like you think about the course rather than having a company trying to give you the sale pitch for a specific product.

Once you pick a course

Once you made up your mind on a specific instructor before you proceed to the payment area you can read more in details the specifications and requirement of that specific course.

You can see the screenshot below showing a course my son wanted to sign up for.


Another great thing is that you can read different reviews offered by other students that already have taken the course and that is a plus in making sure you are picking what you really need or maybe you need to search some more.

If at the beginning when you start searching for a course you might feel overwhelmed by the number of results, use the Filter area that is on the top part of the Dashboard and that will help you cut down your results till you find exactly what you are looking for.

As you can see from the screenshot of the filters, you are able to choose between, the Topics, the Duration, The Ratings, the Prices, the Language, the levels and the features, so there are plenty of things to select to help you narrow your choice.

Are the Courses Good?

When you talk about the quality of a course, I think a lot of it has to do with the Instructor, sometimes one instructor is great for a student but another one won’t enjoy his way of teachings, so to some extent, the quality has also to do with the personal experience of each individual. But given that the material taught is good, I believe the best way to decide is by reading the reviews that you have available at the main page of the course before you actually make the payment (this assuming that you choose a Paid Course since Udemy also offers free courses as well.)

What about the Prices?

When it came to my son courses, the prices were ranging between 10.99 $ for the cheapest one and the most expensive was going up to 199.00 $

Every so often you will get some courses with a discount offer depending on the time so you can get a 129.00$ class for  79.00$ but that is something you need to keep checking

What more Udemy has to offer?

Another aspect worth mentioning of this platform is the fact that if you are good at something, I mean really good like you have a particular skill you think it’s worth sharing, you can offer a course yourself and earn an income by doing so.

How can you teach?

If you know a topic you can teach it by offering a course; there are no charges for being an instructor and the only requirements are that you have:

  • at least 30 minutes of video and at least 5 learning modules

The way you will be paid for your courses will be Via Paypal or Payoneer.

Before you get too excited though, you should know that your course will be manually reviewed by Udemy, and if it is good enough will be accepted otherwise they will not be able to offer it on their platform.

If you have any doubts about how to put your own course together, Udemy has Free Courses that will show you exactly how to do that.

How much will you be paid on Udemy?

That really depends, since Udemy has various ways to pay an instructor:

  1. You can be paid 50% of the value of a Course through an organic Sale, which means when a student buys a course directly from the Udemy platform
  2. If you market and sell the course directly to a student by yourself then you can keep 97% of the earnings
  3. There is a 25% earning potential when your course is bought Via an Affiliate Link
  4. And another 25% earning when the course is bought Via an Ad Banner

So, as you can see there are some good earning potentials if you are good at a particular skill and feel confident enough that you are able to teach the skill to someone else.

Support within Udemy

The support aspect of the platform is fairly good. If you need any help with a particular course you can send a message to the instructor that is giving the course and you can access the contact form on the help section of your dashboard underneath what is your profile area.

There are two different sections in the help area, one dedicated to student help and one for an instructor that need help as you can see from the different screenshots below.


Final thoughts about Udemy

Now that I have gone through what I thought are some of the main aspects of this educational platform, I guess it’s time for me to share my final thoughts about it.

Overall definitely worth it; if I let my son go for it then I know I can say it was worth it. Not saying that he needs my permission (I wish) but most of the time I try to advise him especially when money is involved if it’s worth or not spending it and in the case of Udemy I have seen him pleased with what he learned and for the very affordable prices of the courses I know they were worth it.

Udemy is a platform for everyone, open to everyone that unable people of all gender, country and background to learn what they are passionate it about.

Good definitely. For me, it’s a form of education that is open to the world and nowadays not all forms of education are available to everyone, unfortunately.


Prices are good, courses are good, some free, some cheap some a bit more expensive but nothing over the top.

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Some will ask you to have a test at the end and will even give you a full certificate and accreditation that you have taken part in the course so that’s even better.

If you are thinking of learning a particular skill or improving what you know, I would strongly suggest Udemy as a platform where to start.

So,  this is it for me today, I hope you enjoyed it or at least found it useful and if you have any questions about Udemy or anything at all feel free to drop a message, I will reply asap!ts a totally different learning experience online.

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