The Best Ways To Make Money Online From Home In 2019 [Ideas That Work]

So, you have decided to take charge of your life and start an Online Business. And you have read so many posts and seen so many YouTube Videos of people proclaiming their fortune as digital nomads of the future. Now the question rises? Who is telling the truth? Who is painting a picture that seems too good to be true?

The Question everyone wants an answer for is: what are the best ways to make money online from home, ways that will work and won’t require you to break your bank account?

Bloggers and YouTubers are selling almost everything, they sell a lifestyle, a dream that we all have and I am not saying it is not achievable, on the contrary, Yes you can do it, but you need to have some direction and don’t fall for the thousands of scams that are out there.

People will sell you software’s, products, advices, not to mention those who only earn money selling courses where they teach you how to make money.

What’s the truth?

First of all you should know that making money online is not easy or fast as people paint it. It never has been, regardless of what you read or want to sell.

I had to put in a lot of effort and sacrifice a lot of my free time. I have invested hours in learning and I have given up many weekends away while trying to learn how to do it the right way.

But it was worth it.

Nowadays if you want to start an online business you have a great advantage which is, you no longer need to be a guru of HTML Codes and technical stuff in order to start up a business.

Most Website tool creators like WordPress for example come with everything ready for you to use.

So, the opportunity is now.

Now that we understand the fact that creating a website and launching a business online is not something reserved to a special few, let’s see what are the best ways to earn money online directly from home and do it with simplicity, creating a business that can generate an income in a stable manner and for a long time.

One thing I will have to say, if you are looking for something quick, with easy money making and zero effort, then this is not what you are going to find here.

Sorry! If you want to make real money, you’re going to have to work.

Two Ways Of making Money Online

 There are two ways to make money online:

  • The active selling
  • The passive income

When I talk about active selling I mean that in order to generate an income you will be doing something online such as selling crafts made by you, translating texts, providing a type of service.

The passive income is the type of revenue that is generated by your website once you have created and activated certain criteria, such as, for example, advertising revenue generated by the readers of a website or the dividends you get with an investment. After the initial effort, then you do not have to do practically anything else.

Passive income Vs. Active selling

I guess it doesn’t take a genius to see that everyone will love the passive income. The idea that you can continue generating income while you sleep, you are traveling or you dedicate your time to anything else, is an idea everyone would love.

And it’s not that the active selling is bad, but the Internet is like a showcase that never closes. It is always running, and you can take advantage of it to get a steady stream of income.

Great ideas to make money online

Let’s see now what are some of the best ways to make money online:

1.Earn money with affiliate marketing

This is my way of earning money and what I call, my bread and butter. It is one of the most affordable ways for any beginner who wants to generate passive income. When I first started, I had little faith I could achieve my success and I was not ready to invest any money or, very little, anyway.

From past negative experiences (I fell in way too many SCAMS) the minimum investment was the only investment I was ready to make.

Affiliate marketing barely requires knowledge, the investment is almost zero and its income potential is very high. Also, once assembled you can practically forget about it: only a minimum maintenance will be necessary.

Affiliate marketing is about creating a website where you will post your review of a certain product and maybe recommend other products.

In those reviws, you will link to other websites where they sell the product. If someone ends up buying, the seller will give you a commission for having referred a customer.

Today there are affiliate platforms (the best known is probably Amazon Affiliates) where you only have to register to be part of. Other Affiliate marketplaces are found in Clickbank, CJ Affiliates, Raktuen, PaidOnResults, and many more.

Let’s say, for example you love painting. You could create a web page where you would publish reviews of different canvas types, tools that are needed to paint, expensive professional colours and all the reviews would have a link to the product page on Amazon for readers interested in buying.

Affiliate Link on Amazon

Your website would appear in search engines like Google when people searched for reviews or comparisons of those colours. They would find your article, they would click on the affiliate link and, in case they ended up buying, Amazon would give you a percentage.

Can you see the benefits of it? You create a web page, publish articles and, once you have visitors, it becomes an automatic system that you won’t have to be attending constantly.

The income potential of this system depends on the market you have chosen (the more that category of products is sold online and the more expensive they are, the better), but also the time you spend creating and expanding your blog/webpage

To do this type of online business you need to:

  1. Create a website. You can easily create a Free Website with WA Platform and their Starter Pack with Hosting included as well, so you really don’t have to spend anything at all

2. Write reviews, and recommendations

You will invest most of your time here. You can pay someone to do it, but I recommend that at the beginning you write your own review, because you need to learn how to do it and the more you write the better you become at it, plus if you pay someone you would have to invest some extra money.

Position your website in the search engines.

At first it might not be an easy thing to do, to be noticed by Google, for example, you need to have patience and provide Google and the users with good material, good content, good reviews so that people feel you are truly helping them when you write a particular postHow much money can you make?

Truthfully it will vary depending on what your Niche is, if you are promoting books, for example Amazon commissions for books are very low and in order to make a sizeable income you would have to sell literally thousands of books. On the other hand, if you are selling high ticket items, expensive food processors, or technology, or furniture for example, your income will be much easier to develop because of the selling prices of those items.And a good thing to mention is when Christmas arrives the income multiplies by two or even three.

Earning money with affiliate programs is relatively simple, but if you want to make good money you will have to dedicate more than a couple of hours a week to your business especially at the beginning stages of your online career.

If you come across someone that tells you any different, or that they have everything on an automated pilot and they started a week away, STAY AWAY from them

The good news is that, after the initial effort, the results will show up and you will be rewarded and you will be able to continue and control your business working from anywhere in the world

If you are looking for a tutorial to learn how to sign up and earn money with affiliate marketing click here.


  • Simple and easy to implement, even for people without experience
  • Passive generation system of income: you must not manage stock or make shipments
  • High income potential
  • It can be integrated into your blog if you already have one


  • The commissions of the best-selling products are usually low
  • The challenge is to position yourself in the first page of the main search engines
  • There is more and more competition, the opportunity is now!

2.Create a website and monetize it with AdSense


Another  way to make money online passively is monetizing web pages with advertising.

The concept is similar to that of affiliate marketing: you create a web page about a topic, you attract readers and once they are there, they earn money when they click on any of the advertising banners or texts you have on your post

Readers won’t have to buy anything, all they have to do is click on the ads and you will get paid.

This is what is known as PPC or Pay Per Click, which I am sure you must have heard about it before

In fact, this is the way Google AdSense works. AdSense is easy to use, all you have to do is simply sign up and, once your application has been approved, you can put ads on your website by inserting a small code.

The one thing you should know is that with AdSense you do not choose what type of ads appear: Google is responsible for doing it automatically according to the theme of your website and the profile of the reader.

You can display personalized ads for each reader, which allows you to maximize the money you can earn with advertising and at the same time avoids having to contact directly with any advertiser. There are hundreds of thousands of companies advertising through AdSense.

Unlike affiliate marketing, where you are talking and giving reviews about products you are promoting, here the ideal is to create a web page that provides general information on a given topic instead of publishing reviews.

The potential of this system depends fundamentally on three things: The Niche you have chosen, the number of visits the website has and the percentage of those visits that click on the ads.

As simple as that!

The Niche you choose is really fundamental here, because according to that you will earn more or less money per click.

If you are talking again about books more than likely you would have advertisers promoting books on your site but if you have a niche about digital marketing courses you could probably have advertising on digital marketing on your sites and these types of products are much more expensive than books therefore the advertisers are willing to pay more.

Monetizing web pages with AdSense is simple, but to generate thousands of euros you must choose a profitable theme and work hard creating content and positioning them in Google.


  • With some effort, you can get a bonus a month
  • Does not require investment
  • Relatively simple to implement
  • Does not require a constant content update


  • High competition in the markets where AdSense pays better
  • you need a very high volume of visits


3 . Offer your services on specialized pages

If you do not have or do not want to create a blog or a website another way to earn money online is by doing small online services.

How to do that? It is really quite simple, all you need is to

  1. register in any of the online platforms that put you in contact with potential clients.
  2. Tell them what you have to offer as service is concern and how much you are charging
  3. You wait to be hired

The jobs that are usually offered on these platforms are simple things, could be translating a text, editing a video, designing a logo, writing a resume or preparing a presentation.

Your income will depend on the number of hours and effort you can spend on a regular basis. Some people take out a whole salary or even more, but it will generally be useful if you need extra income.

Currently, the most popular platforms and therefore with the greatest capacity to bring you clients are Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer:

Upwork: has enormous potential because of the number of clients it has.

You need a lot of patience though, I have to warn you, because I tried it and it did take me forever to be noticed. There are so many people advertising their service of Upwork and clients tend to choose the ones that have already an history with the platform, so it is a bit of a catch 22 at the beginning

Fiverr: has many clients demanding services, but prices are low.

Freelancer: has less client volume and is not as easy to use.

All will charge you a commission so that you can use their platform to find clients. The better your reputation, the more attractive you will be to users interested in services like yours.

You do not need to create a website or build an audience You can start earning money from the start, If you have some skills or are good at something, there is probably someone willing to pay for it but you MUST have patience

4. Sell courses and services with your blog

It’s about creating a blog about a specific topic, positioning yourself as an expert in it, and selling your own online courses for payment.

Quite straight forward as you can see; it takes effort, but it’s not that complicated. The key is to choose a topic that you master, where there are people interested, and build a reputation by publishing content.

The advantage of online payment courses is that they can become totally passive systems, because once created it costs you the same to sell one than a hundred.

You only have to publish it in video or PDF format and sell it through an automated system to your subscribers.

There are blogs and online courses of almost any subject that you can think of. From courses to learn to read faster, management of family finances or Excel for students of letters.

The only requirement is that you solve a problem that your audience would be willing to pay for.

Generating money with this system is not fast, since you must work hard to earn the trust of the readers, but you will be building a long-term, solid and differential online business.

Courses starting at $10.99 for this Festa Junina!

The biggest obstacle is not technical (nowadays it is tremendously easy to create a blog), but mental: many people believe that they have nothing to teach, are afraid to expose themselves to criticism or spend months doubting on which topic to choose.

You should know that the vast majority of bloggers have started with those doubts. But they took the step, and as they were creating content for their blog they were gaining more experience and knowledge.

So, if you think you have something to contribute, however small it may be (there will always be someone who knows less than you), and do not fear exposing yourself publicly, this is your best option.

Anyone can create a course based on their knowledge, all you have to do is create high quality free content and be ready to put yourself out there.

5. Create a YouTube channel


With the purchase of YouTube by Google and the exponential growth of content consumption in video format, there were people who, overnight, started earning a lot of money with their video channel.

Yes, there are more and more competitors, but YouTube is the second Internet search engine, just behind Google, and it is expected that in a very short time it will become the first. That means that its economic potential is booming.

All I have to do is watch my kids watching YouTubers and talking about them like they are some super famous people to realize how much times have changed.

So, yes YouTube Videos can be a great idea even though there is a LOT of competition out there

I even have my favorite You Tube Channel, that has nothing to do with marekting but I love to watch anyway….“Our Curious Georgia!”

How much money are we talking about?

The figure depends on the thematic of the channel, since the contents on Forex or health are usually paid better than the channels on videogames or curiosities.

Suppose that after 18 months you manage to build a channel with 100,000 subscribers, which is not bad.

If you upload a video a week that get 75,000 views and YouTube paid you 1 euro for every 1,000 views, your income would be approximately 300 euros per month to give you an idea

As you see, you should publish videos consistently if you want to make money with YouTube, so it is not really a passive system unless they become viral or have thousands of searches a day.

Fortunately, there are also alternative ways to increase income; for example by contacting companies and offering to put advertising on your videos or by selling custom merchandise, such as shirts and caps with your channel’s logo. But this I guess you need to have reached a certain level of popularity before it can work

6.Sell online through dropshipping


Another good way to make money online is by selling products online. You should know that, mainly, there are two ways to sell online:

  • Create your own website (again, it’s easier than it seems) and sell your products ther
  • Sell your products on third-party platforms like Amazon for example

If you do not manufacture products, do not worry. It is as simple as finding a manufacturer with little popularity, buying the product and selling it to the final public through your website or platform, adding your margin to the price.

What the dropshipping system does is allowing you to convert your online store into a passive business. With it, you do not keep stock or take care of shipments, you just send the order data to the manufacturer (there are very simple automated systems) and he takes care of getting the product to the customer.

You can actually find websites like Oberlo that put you in direct contact with manufacturers that work with the dropshipping system

The profit margin is usually between 20 and 50%. The problem? If the shipment does not arrive or you have to take care of the refund, the clients will complain to you and you will have to resolve the issue with the manufacturer.

The keys to the success of this system are:

  1. Find a product with more demand than offer
  2. Get a serious and reliable supplier
  3. Have a good profit margin
  4. Bring traffic to the web with organic positioning, AdWords or Facebook Ads

It is also possible to earn money selling your own handmade products. If this is your case, I recommend you take a look at Etsy. Etsy is an online store where only manufactured products are sold. You can sign up and create your own store where users can buy your products.


  • Does not require initial investment in stock
  • With dropshipping you can generate income on automatic pilot
  • Good profit margin
  • If you sell crafts, you have a lot of freedom to mark the price


  • For third-party products, you depend entirely on the manufacturer / distributor
  • It’s not a quick system (unless you invest in ads)
  • If you succeed, short-term competitors will appear
  • There may be price war in very competitive markets

What you should never do


No matter what you will opt for, remember that he Internet is full of promises about systems that will make you rich in an instant, or ways of working from home that, without effort or investment, will make you a fortune in a few days

Learning the ins and outs of these supposed to be “miracles” is never free. Most will ask you for money in exchange for revealing your magic formula.

There is no magic formula!

And that is the only truth of all: who really makes money is the one who sells you the method, which in the end never works. Or at least not in the way they promised you.

Do not fool yourself. Although making money online is perfectly possible, it is not easy.

You will have to dedicate time and effort, and ideally have an economic cushion to avoid falling into despair when things do not go as you want.

Other people will show you that they have made a lot of money online with their system. The error is that they present it to you as if you could replicate that in any other sector.

What they do not tell you is that their GREAT advantage is that they were the first, and that, however they made a fortune in that market niche, that does not mean that it will work in another.

To avoid losing money, risking too much or devoting much effort to something that is going to give you crumbs, try to stay away from systems that are selling you your dream with Zero or little effort.

Do not trust any method that seems too good

Take it as a hobby if you want, but trusting your hopes in scams and get rich quick schemes it’s a hard lesson to learn and an expensive one.

I have spent a lot of money, efforts, and even tears wasting some of my savings in systems that only failed at the end, and the ones that seemed to work, suddenly closed down and I was never able to recuperate my money.

So be aware of what you are doing and investing yours hard earned savings.

I am today an Affiliate marketer, I learnt everything I know by joining the Wealthy Affiliate Community. Would I recommend it to anyone that want to start a business online by creating a website or blog and earn? Yes, I do. I feel confident enough because it is the only company that after 14 years in the business and over a million active members of the community have delivered in every promise they made.

There are giving Free Courses to Newbies before you decide to invest any money.

If you are serious about launching a career online, this is something you should do, test your potential and see if it’s really what you want before putting any money in it.

I hope this post has been of some use to someone out there that is thinking of changing career and if you need any help or have any questions please do send me an email or write in the comment area below

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