The Best Marketing Training Programs Available Online

Today I would like to talk about some of the best marketing training programs that are available online.

If you are a digital marketer and want to achieve a certain level of success in the marketing world, you are expected to know how to understand and read analytics, do copywriting, produce valued content, promote sales, digital media, and so much more. Many people don’t have the time to go to school or college to learn all that, many people, just like myself, decide to turn their career and life around way after they have left school.

Let’s call it the middle life want to change my destiny time.

So, unless you are ready to sign yourself up for school again you will need to learn all these new skills fast and in my specific case, ideally from home.

Signing up for Marketing Courses OnLine

When I decided to change my career, and start something completely new to what I had done for many years, the easiest way for me to learn was to find a course online that could teach me all that.

Learning marketing and digital marketing online is a way that allows you to do it at your own pace and time, still continuing with your everyday tasks but allowing you to proceed in the right directions and taking the steps needed to achieve your goals.

There are many courses available depending on your budget, the level of preparation you have and what you want to achieve.

Many industry professionals often lead these online courses, which include teaching students vital digital marketing skills with practical assignments and hands-on projects.

I assume that if you are reading this post is because you are looking for a course or at least someone that can point you to an online course that will teach you how to stand out from everyone else in this industry, and hopefully make your business online a successful career

Learning a digital marketing certification online can help considerably.

The always changing digital world

When we look at the online world we can’t help but see the constant progress and change; something different develops each day, and it’s crucial to stay updated.

The Monster engines like Google keep updating and changing their algorithms and ways to examine and qualify a website or a page, and if you think only a few posts and a good-looking website will do the job there is so much more behind the curtains that we need to understand in order to be successful.

These are just some of the many examples of things that are constantly changing in the digital marketing industry.

Following industry experts that have already crack the codes, and are constantly growing and keeping up with the changes is not only a great way to initially learn the basic fundamentals, but it’s also essential for keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends.

Learn by following blogs or YouTube videos of people that are still very successful

Not everyone online has a degree in marketing but keeping up with some of the most respected digital marketing blogs and video channels is a great way to learn online marketing.

If you are new to the field, start from the basics, if you are already quite familiar with the marketing world but want to become an expert then move to the advanced principles. There are blogs out there that offer updated information that can improve your marketing skills.

Learn the basics from free online courses

When I first began my career online I did not have any money to invest on courses and I looked and looked for something that could teach me the basics before I would feel confident enough and ready to invest any money.

There are several websites that offer marketing training for free.

You can sign up on those sites and learn digital marketing through various courses and programs.

When you sign up for a free course you get the chance to see if digital marketing world is truly the path you want to take and if launching a career online is what you are truly ready to do.

Some courses can even provide you certificates upon completion but remember they are not exactly authentic diplomas or degrees.

When I started, that’s what I opted for, a FREE Course to begin, and I am more than happy with what I learned and how I got to where I am today.

Want a Professional marketing course: things to look for

There are literally thousands, of course, available online and when you look for a professional one you need to do some research and know exactly what you are looking for.

When it comes to making your selection, the practical choice should be one that teaches all aspects of digital marketing in-depth and should include SEO, content, marketing, paid search, and more.

The best courses should not just teach but also give you the opportunity to practice what you are learning and make sure you understand it before you move on to the next lessons.

Having a mentor, a community or someone that is a representative of the course and is ready to answer your questions is also extremely important if not vital.

So, I have prepared a little list of what are for me some of the best marketing courses online.

Some are free, some have a small fee, some are truly master classes with full degrees and certifications so it’s up to you and your level of interest.

You can have a look and decide which one suit you best.

1) Wealthy Affiliate University Online

I start with Wealthy Affiliate because this has been my choice when I made my first step in the marketing world.

I did not know anything about anything.

Words like WordPress, hosting, plugins, HTML, content, SEO were just a foreign language and Wealthy Affiliate gave me the opportunity to sign up with them for Free and test if this was what I really wanted to learn.

Do not get confused, sometimes people see the word Wealthy Affiliate and they believe it’s just an affiliate program that tells you to sell the same thing to someone else.

You could not be farther from the truth.

WA is a complete training course that teaches from the basics to the more complicated stuff everything you need to learn to build your own business online or launch your personal blog or whatever it is you want to do.

It’s a wealth of knowledge and they give you the opportunity to do it free.

If at some point you are truly satisfied with the course and decide you want to promote it yourself, of course, you can do that and also make money from it but the centre of the program is about teaching people to be successful.

They have been around teaching for over 12 years and that should definitely count for something.

Wealthy Affiliate offers videos, tutorials, and support and teaches you everything you need to know to build a successful business online.

Things that you will learn within the courses are:

  • web design
  • content development
  • marketing development
  • use of social media
  • understanding Search Engine Optimization
  • The use of proper Plugins
  • How to develop and promote your business online
  • and so much more…

They have an Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training that comprises 5 phases with a total of 50 lessons, a series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing a business within absolutely ANY niche that you want.

The Sign Up is Free and they also provide complete access to a hosting and WordPress platform which will allow you to experiment what you are learning and put it into practice as you follow the course.

There is an Upgrade Option, the only Upgrade you will ever see and it is extremely affordable but if you don’t want to upgrade you still have access to part of the training and it remains free and open to you for as long as you wish to.

2) Udemy

Udemy WordPress SEO Training – A Complete Guide to SEO WordPress

Udemy is a great place to find training of all sorts. There are over 100.000 different courses offered online and from marketing to SEO, IT, Photography, Facebook or Instagram Marketing, WordPress, E-Commerce, you name it they will have it.

This Educational Online Platform has grown enormously in the last couple of years.

My son studies 3D animation and modelling and more than a few times I bought for him different courses he wanted to specialise in, from Udemy. Many courses are Free and many more are available for a price but the prices are generally very low, around 10.00$ to 20.00 $ for many of the training available. Of course, you can find more specialized and also expensive tutorials too, but the average prices are very affordable.

Key features of Udemy courses are

  1. the variety of courses available
  2. you do not have to prequalify for any of the courses you have access to anything you want to study
  3. with few exceptions, the tuition fees are very low. From Free to 20.00$; some courses go up to 200.00$ and some tutorial classes  can cost up to 1000.00$ but there aren’t many and if you are at the beginner level you will not need to spend that much
  4. Once you enrolled in a course and you pay you will have lifetime access to the course and will be able to take it as many times as you wish
  5. The courses are given by people that have a hand on experience on the subject so more than just academic experience they have put into practice everything they teach
  6. you can study at your own pace
  7. After completion, many of the courses will give you a certificate

A Lean Web Canvas: Your Digital Marketing Plan for Websites

Talking about our particular subject which is marketing and digital marketing, amongst the most popular courses available on Udemy you will find The Complete Digital Marketing Course, The Ultimate SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing MASTERY, Digital Marketing Masterclass – 23 Courses in 1 and Content Marketing Mastery 2018: Beginner’s Ultimate Guide just to name a few.

And all of these courses are available now for 15.00$ so you can see the value of that.

3) Coursera

Coursera was founded in 2011 and is an online education provider that offers online courses, popularly known as “MOOCs” or Massive Open Online Courses, from top universities around the world.

The platform has an active catalogue of over 2,700 online courses and these courses consist of pre-recorded video lectures that you can watch on a weekly schedule or when it’s convenient for you.

They also have student discussion forums, homework/assignments, and online quizzes or exams.

Generally speaking, the courses offered by Coursera (if you want to watch any of their videos) are free but if you are after a certificate and need a specialized course in that case you need to pay a fee.

Just to mention some of the most popular courses you can find:

  • Marketing In a Digital World,
  • Digital Media and Marketing Strategies
  • Responsive Website design and development
  • Google Cloud Platform

but really these are just examples, the range of courses offered is truly enormous.

4) Digital Marketing Specialist program by Simplilearn

Now if you are really knowledgeable of the marketing world and want to get a deeper and advanced program, there are definitely other courses out there that can help you become a true expert in the field.

Simplilearn is another online educational platform that offers practical materials to prepare students for the digital marketing world, which can help make them industry-ready from day one.

As a student, once you enrol you receive access to nine full-length, comprehensive courses that cover all areas of digital marketing

One of these courses is the Digital Marketing Specialist offered by Simpllilearn.

This course is not Free, and it is also not something that I would suggest if you are at the beginning of your Internet marketing experience but fantastic if you are at an advanced level and want to specialize

You will receive access to

  • Nine advanced courses on PPC, web analytics, SEO, and content and email marketing and many other topics
  • Access to online classes led by instructors
  • project and simulation exercises
  • Monthly mentoring sessions from industry experts
  • Master’s Program certificate

You will be able to gain the skills necessaries to become a Digital Marketing Specialist.

5) Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification Training Course by Simplilearn

Another great course for advanced students from the same educational platform Simplilearn.

This course will teach you all the facets of SEO, including the process of organically driving traffic to your websites with keyword management and research, link building, URL building, SEO analytics, on-page and off-page optimization and more.

Not on the cheap side but again you have to value what you are getting which are

  • 6 months of course access
  • more than 30 hours self-paced videos
  • 15 hours of live instructor-led online classes
  • Industry-based projects
  • Access to popular tools such as Google Keywords Trends, Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • Learn what is Advanced Web Analytics

I guess if I wanted to really become an advanced expert in the field, this is probably one of the courses I would really like to take.

With Wealthy Affiliate Training, I learned a lot of the basics of Google Keywords, Google Analytics, the Search Console, Content development and so much more. I feel confident enough that what I learned from a beginner point of view was enough for me to set up my own marketing business online and develop it from there.

Maybe in a couple of years, I could take the Advance Course but then again it is up to your personal needs and goals.

6) The Super Affiliate Course 

I did a review on this course before and recently it has been upgraded and there has been a lot of improvement. The course in itself will teach you everything you need to know if you want to become an affiliate marketer. Many people swear by the course as one of the best training that you can get online; myself I had mixed opinions and again if you want to read my personal review I leave a link to access the post.

John Crestani, affiliate guru teaches you the training with Videos tutorials and so far I guess it is all good. My downside for this course  was the fact that when I first signed up (and is not a cheap course) I was not an expert in the field of marketing and even though the programs claim to be for anyone from beginners to advanced levels, I got lost in some of the tutorials and the support side of the program could definitely improve.

I ended up abandoning the program because I was getting lost in the explanations and I was feeling frustrated for not being able to complete the exercises that they give you.

Again this is my personal experience more than likely affected by my lack of knowledge. Hence why I changed to WA where the support and teaching levels were more to my beginner needs.

7)LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is another great and popular educational platform that offers over 15000 courses on various subjects.

Software development, SEO Courses, WordPress and content building, these are just a few of the samples of the tutorials that are available through the platform.

Another opportunity to study at your own pace especially for those that do not have time to attend a fix class schedule but need to adapt their studies to their job or day to day routine.

They have a Free Monthly Trial which is great if you want to test them out and after that, monthly or annual billing will occur. Depending on what option you choose, your subscription will be renewed at the end of each month or at the end of each year.

If you choose to pay annually, you’ll save up to 20% compared to paying monthly.

Great points to mention about LinkedIn are

  • You can Cancel anytime
  • Earn a certificate when you complete a course
  • Receive course recommendations tailored to you
  • Use project files and quizzes to practice while you learn
  • View courses anytime on your computer or phone

So there you have it, these are just some of the many marketing courses available online.

If you want to further your knowledge or get your feet wet and are at the beginning of your journey there are courses tailor-made to each individual needs all you have to do is pick up the one that will suit you best.

I would advise, to start with something that is Free or gives you a free trial just to understand if this is the career you want to follow and once you have made your decision, remember only the  sky is your limit.

I hope you have enjoyed the post and found it somehow useful and if you want to share any of your educational experience on the comments below, please feel free to do so.

Till the next time.

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