Making Money In Affiliate Programs [and why they can reject your application]

So you have started your Online Business and decided to launch yourself in the Affiliate marketing Niche. First of all congratulations on making a decision not many would do. Dreaming about doing something and doing it is two very different things. But you have chosen to follow your dreams and no matter how long it is going to take, don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t! You will soon find out that affiliate programs can be a very profitable, sometimes hard niche to crack.

How people are making money in affiliate programs is a very easy thing to explain and grasp, but from understanding how you can make the money to actually making the profit there is a big gap, and it’s a gap, that if you are not ready to fill with lots of time, effort and commitment, well, you might go back to your 9 to 5 job right now.

Filling the Gap

If anyone has told you that they are making tons of money online and they started a week ago, they are lying. Plain and simple.

I am not here to sound negative nor to burst your bubble; after all, I am in the same boat as you are; I am in Affiliate marketing, I quit my job about 9 months ago and I am constantly hustling online. I got news thou; it’s working!

But it’s not a walk in the park, nor a 10 minutes set it up and go to the beach kind of scenario.

I am getting there, but it has been a slow process, with good days and bad days, days when I wanted to give up; days when I asked myself what was I doing, days when I thought I was simply crazy for believing that at 50 I could start a completely different career, in a language that was not my first language and doing something I had never done before.

I am filling the gap thou, and that’s what I kept my focus on, all along the months where the doubts were creeping in, and I will say, it is darn rewarding at the end and I am really glad I did not let go!

But, I had to fill the Gap, yes the gap between my dream of making the income and the actual income coming in my bank account.

To fill this Gap you need to have a very clear idea and understanding of what it is you want your business to concentrate on.

No matter what affiliate program you choose, select something that you like and enjoy talking about, something you have knowledge of, and if you do not have the knowledge remember, if you like it, it will be easier for you to search for that Clickbank, learn it and then share it with your Online world.


Why passion? Because if you want to sell online and you want to do it with a website or a blog, (the cheapest way for you to do it) you will need to talk about the stuff you promote.

And if you want to talk about something, isn’t it easier to talk about something you like and something you are passionate about? Do not worry if you think you don’t know enough, you can always search and find that knowledge, but it will be so much easier if you talk, and search and study to do it for something you have a passion for!

Once you have acquired your knowledge, you can start sharing it with the world, and it is through good writing, good content that you will create your own space in the online world, and find your public, find your customers, find who will buy whatever it is you are promoting.

The key is in what you have to say about the things you want to talk about

Share valuable information, make the people that get to your website feel like they are learning things from you, earn their trust, and they will follow , they will do so that, when you are telling them a product is good or bad they will feel like they can trust your opinion, and therefore buy or not buy whatever it is you are talking about.

I hope you will understand, this part is a fundamental “brick” of your house, of your business and without it, you will not succeed in the long term

The Affiliate Marketing Approval [or Rejection]

Many of you will ask, why would an affiliate program reject your application if all you are trying to do is promote their product, and it is a very good question, one I had myself the first time I applied for an affiliation and got rejected because “I was not Good enough for them”.

There are thousands of affiliate programs online, most of us have heard of Clickbank, ShareASale, Rakuten Marketing, CJ Affiliates, PaidOnResults, Sumo, and so many more.

The market of Affiliate Programs

All the ones I just mentioned above are not affiliate programs per se but are the marketplace where different companies go to ask help and find affiliates to promote their products.

Clickbank, one of the most notorious, offers various, manly digital, products of different companies and once you sign up with Clickbank you can promote all the products from the different companies and niches that Clickbank has to offer.

The same goes for CJ Affiliate or Rakuten Marketing and ShareASale.

While Clickbank is fairly easy to join, all you have to do is signed up, fill the form with all your details get your personal ID and start promoting the products of the marketplace; companies like ShareASale or CJ, for example, are free to join, but you will be checked individually, by each company you want to promote the product of.

Your website or blog will be checked and if they feel you are not up to the standard and their expectations they can simply tell you, Thank you, for wanting to promote our product but No Thank you we don’t need you!

Rejection a hard word to take

Unfortunately no one likes to hear the word no thank you, we don’t need you, so when you are about to apply for an affiliate program you want to promote and sell, make sure to do your homework first and that means, make sure you have built a Blog or Site that is rich in information, that has a good design and mostly offers quality content to the user.


Failing to do so, will mostly result with a Rejected Application from the affiliation Program you chose.

Take time, don’t rush

The one Affiliation that will allow you to promote straight away, as I said before, is Clickbank, but depending on your Niche, Clickbank might not have what you are looking for in order of products.

So if you want to use other marketplaces or even Amazon, make sure that you have built a good website, with information that is proven valuable, not a couple of pages full of links to everywhere.

Give value to your Blog and your Blog will be valued in exchange. Even Amazon can reject you if they feel you have little to offer.

Can I reapply?

Once an affiliate program has rejected your application, yes you can, in time, reapply for the same, but my advice would be not to do it straight away and spend a few months building that house (your business) that we were talking about at the beginning.

It is hard, and you will have moments when you want to throw the towel and go back to what you know but with commitment and by learning we can all succeed.

What I am talking about here is not theory, I have experienced myself some of this trial and error situations. When I first started my business online I was truly eager to begin making money, so I rushed thru the site, rushed thru the articles and then rushed thru my application for certain programs I wanted to promote.

Rush for rush…I was rushed out of the program because I did not provide what they were looking for.

You learn by your mistakes

Every mistake is not a failure, It’s a lesson.

After I was rejected (ShareASale Rejected me) I went back to the site, and I had to take a hard look at myself, at how much energy I had put on building the site and at what I was offering.

I had to be honest and realize that I had not done enough; three pages and 15 posts were not nearly what I needed to prove the value of my site.

So I stopped applying for programs and concentrated my efforts in creating valuable content, establish relationships with the viewers, cultivating my social network and only when I had doubled the posts and felt confident I had much more to offer, I went back to ShareASale, reapply and got accepted.

The point I am trying to make is, rather than rush, commit yourself to create a quality website, with quality content, talk about the things you love, it will be easier to write tons of info, and once you have done that, then you are ready to apply for any affiliate program you want.

Your Organic traffic

Spending this time creating your site will not be a waste, you will not only have built something affiliate program will be gladly partnered with, but you will have established a good and fundamental relationship with Mr Google, yes , the one in charge of all your Organic Traffic, the traffic, the visits your site will receive every day without the need of spending money on any advertising.

When you are the start of a business, you don’t always have the money to invest on Paid Advertising, and even if you do, I would suggest, again, to work on your content first before you spend money on ads.

PPC and Google Ads are a very good idea but only when your business has started to grown otherwise it is like throwing money away, or my husband would say throwing sh…to the wall and hope that some will stick! (Excuse my Language but I need you to get the picture right).

What To Do Next?

If you are ready to start your new life and want to have that Work from Anywhere Scenario that is so popular today, all you need to do is decide when and how.

I have started my venture with a platform that has taught me everything I needed and more, and I knew NOTHING!

There is no need for any payment, they have a fantastic Starter Pack that is totally Free to join and you will learn everything there is to learn about online marketing.

Sign up Today and Change Your life for Good, Follow You Dreams and create the life that you and your loved ones deserve.

What do you have to lose? Given that there is nothing to pay to begin, the only thing you have to lose is this opportunity if you don’t take it.

I have been one of the most skeptical persons you will ever meet with anything to do online, but I tell you I put some hard work and commitment to succeed and the first time I made the first sale I was so high, I truly felt that YES I COULD DO IT.

I got news for you: YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

I wish you the greatest success and if you have any questions, any doubts anything you want to know just send me an email or write it in the comments below and I will get back at you asap!


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