Learn To Use WordPress – An Easy Guide To Follow

When I first started in this business, one of the most overwhelming aspects for me was to learn to use WordPress. I knew I needed a Website, I knew I could use something called WordPress, but little did I know where to start from.

WordPress is probably one of the easiest ways to build compelling, beautifully created websites that can be your platform to promote your Blogs, your products, your ideas, your business, or whatever you can think of.

Why Do We Need A Website?

Whether you are looking to promote your own specific niche websites or want to create a website for a  client or a local business, nowadays it is a task that is easily accomplished.

Your Website is like a window to the world, it is the easiest way to reach the largest number of people as possible in the quickest time possible.

Websites have been simplified and there are thousands of services and platforms out there that offer you ways to create professional looking sites. Some are expensive, some are cheap, some can be even FREE.



What to Consider when you want to build a website?

There are some very important aspects that anyone should consider when building a website because they will be making the difference between a good quality site and a poor one, and that will be making your difference from a very visited site and a website no one wants to look at.

Remember and consider these factors:

  • The Speed Time of your site (people tend to get annoyed when it is loading too slow)
  • The Professional Design  and appearance
  • How easy it is to Navigate
  • Does the website use a CMS (Content Management System)
  • and lastly but very important  the Quality of the  website content

If you are able to make these things right then  you will have  a very
successful website.

Someone might say, it is easy to say all that when you know what you are talking about, but what if someone has “Zero”  knowledge on how to go about it?

Well, you are talking about me a year ago. That was exactly me, the way I felt, and what I knew I did not know how to do!

That’s when I found WordPress and that is why I recommend WordPress today.

If you want to test it you can actually build a complete FREE Website Today  just by accessing the link here below

Siterubix  Free Website Builder

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a platform that is widely known, everyone has either used it or known someone that uses it as we speak.

I even built all my business websites using WordPress. It was easy, it was FREE, that’s all I really cared at the beginning if I am totally sincere.

What are the benefits of such Platform:

  • It is very easy to install and set-up
  • You don’t need to know anything about  HTML, or codings.
  • There are literally 1000s of different website templates to choose from
  • With only a simple click you can install many additional  features that you might need for your website
  • There is great support and help within the community
  • You can change your theme site in a minute if you suddenly don’t like it or simply want to give it a different vibe

For these reasons and probably 100 more WordPress is my choice and I use to build ALL of my websites since I began my career on the Internet.

I have used it for myself and I have also helped friends doing theirs.

How to Build a Website Now:

There are a few easy steps that you could take right now and in a matter of minutes have your first site up and totally free.


But remember everything that you want to achieve in life requires a certain amount of commitment.

I do not believe and never have, in easy promises to achieve your goals and if you are ready for a  fresh start and build your dream online, whatever it may be,  all you have to do is

1 Start Building Your Website for your $0 at SiteRubix.com
2: Create a Completly Free Account
3: Have Access to 2 Free Websites & an Entire Training Platform


I hope you will find this little post useful and if you have any questions, please feel free to drop it in the comment below. I am always glad to answer and hopefully be of any assistance. I had a lot of questions when I started and I was lucky to have a very good support team behind me to answer my doubts. It is my time now to pay it forward

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