Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? Does Wealthy Affiliate Work? [A personal Journey]

Today I would like to write a blog dedicated to my personal experience within the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

If you are trying to find out if WA is a good site or not, if you are trying to decide to invest your time and money or not, I hope this article might shed some light and help you make the right decision.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? Does Wealthy Affiliate Work? These were my questions at the beginning of my journey.


I am not here to sell you anything

I have already written an article on how certain Internet programs are good and others aren’t; I have had my good share of scams along the way of my Internet Marketer Career.

Today I want to give more of what my personal journey has been with the WA Community and share the good, the bad the ups and the downs of the journey.


Why Do You Search For an Internet Marketing Program?

We all end up on the Net searching for the miracle money making system, driven by one reason or another.Resultado de imagen de internet doubts

Some of you might have lost their jobs; you keep looking but can’t find anything; some might be of an age when it isn’t so easy to find a job opportunity anymore (I fall in that category); some are working but are also so unhappy with their job and  are looking for a way out.

Some, like myself, had a job, worked every day, eight, nine hours or more and never manage to get till the end of the month; it almost seemed like there was never enough money to pay for all the bills, the necessities, your kids, the house, …my list could go on forever and  I would still be writing.

So you search, read, read, and read some more, try programs, fall victim of different scams, believe in promises made by someone on the Internet that assured you in a matter of months you would have been rich.

Then reality kicks in

Once you have invested the little you could afford on something that doesn’t work, a lot of frustration and anger occur; you are angry at the Resultado de imagen de not smart enough you believed, and then you are angry at yourself for believing them in the first place; then you begin to doubt that you could ever make it, and that, is usually followed by a sense of loss; surrendering to the fact that maybe this life that you were dreaming about is not for you.

Maybe you are not smart enough; maybe you just don’t have the skills, maybe this kind of stuff is for the younger generation and you are way past that stage.

Maybe you don’t really understand it; maybe you can’t write properly (believe me being a non English-speaking person that one has been one of my biggest maybes); maybe the Internet World is simply not for you and you should stick to your 9 to 5 jobs; and you tell yourself to stop dreaming the Impossible dream and  have a reality check and understand that trying to achieve a life that is out of the ordinary is not something that you are destined for so surrender to your reality, that’s all you can do.



It was in my last attempt to not giving up my dreams and hopes, trying to achieve that financial freedom that I so much-needed to provide for my kids, my family; that is when I found the Wealthy Affiliate System.


There are a thousand other sites out there that can list you all the good things that WA has inside the course, their programs, their teachings; I have written a blog myself about it; but today for me it is more about explaining the emotional, inspirational, motivational side of things that I have found with Wealthy Affiliate.

Resultado de imagen de finding solutions


Wealthy Affiliate the certainty that I too can and will make it.

Having established that from day one of my journey on the Wealthy Affiliate System I found a true University of marketing online; everything, since I decided to join, has been a journey pointing to success, achievement and the growing belief in myself and in what I am doing.

Wealthy Affiliate did not lie to me, they never pretend the journey would be easy; they never said it would take a week or a month to become rich and achieve my goals.

Wealthy Affiliate did not have a template page that I would only have to copy, paste like many other programs do, and sit waiting to become rich.

Wealthy Affiliate told me I had to do the work; I had to take each lesson one step at the time, I had to apply all the knowledge, step by step.

There was not a couple of videos, or ten secret lessons to achieve success.

It was like teaching a child to write their first sentence. We started with the basic, the true basic foundation that was needed in order to build something that in time would be strong and long-lasting.

I took every lesson, I apply every word, and I learned, learned and when I thought I knew it all there were more things to be taught.

I went from knowing little or nothing about building a website, to understanding how WordPress works, to know what a plugin is, why we need widgets, what widgets are.

I learned about SEO and why keywords are important but not the only key to your success.

I learned how we can make good use of Social Media and how you can build an entire business without having to spend a fortune on paid advertising.

I have learned the meaning of good content and how important it is to be passionate about what you do and give value to what you do.

Wealthy Affiliate has taught me that in order to become successful you have to do the work, as simple as that.

There are no magic pills, no get-rich-quick recipe, no such a thing as in work 15 minutes and the rest will follow.

They have taught me how to apply my time the right way, how to invest my energies where they need to be invested. They have given me the tools to understand where it is that I need to concentrate on and what it is that I need to work on in order to become successful.

Ups And Downs

If I was here to tell you that everything was super easy and I never felt at times like I wanted to give up or doubt myself If I could ever succeed, that would be a lie.

I guess when you begin to understand how things work you also become impatient and want to see results and success immediately.

You know it doesn’t work like that but still, there is a little voice inside of you that whispers, ….it’s going to happen soon.

And when it doesn’t? What should I do?

Wealthy affiliate was there even for that.

To be completely honest there have been only a few moments when I doubted myself and my decision, but mostly it wasn’t because I could not understand something or I felt alone, on the contrary.

If I ever had a down moment it has been caused by my own impatience and frustration with the circumstances that surround my life but nothing to do with Wealthy Affiliate.

Resultado de imagen de wealthy affiliate community

On the contrary, WA and their unique fantastic community made of real people, with real stories of struggles and success, with achievement and victories, they have been the reason to push me to continue, to remind me not to give up.

They were there to help me every single time I had a question, a doubt, every time I was confused.

Never ever they made me feel like I was inadequate or that my question was obvious and silly to ask.


Support and encouragment

For all of that reason above and for the unique teachers and support that is constantly available on WA, for these and a million more reasons I am today where I am in my life.

A much better place, with a much better future ahead of me and with this open-hearted article I will say that Wealthy Affiliate is worth every penny and so much more.

Join today the Best Affiliate Marketing University you will ever find online



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