Is A Blog Worth It? Time To Find Out

Do we really need a blog to be successful online? There are so many ways to achieve success today online that a blog is just one of them. People build websites, some prefer to do videos, some try to achieve their goals just via Social Media and the truth is the possibilities are endless but as far as my personal experience goes, a blog was my way to start. Is a blog worth it? I would say 100 % yes.

For me, it has been my starting point, my way of timidly opening that window to the world of Google, search engines and everything else that is out there. I was too shy to do videos to start with, I did not have the confidence to talk out loud and the blog was my personal growth, my way to build my new future.

What does a blog represent? Is a blog worth it?

A blog is the only space that you can call totally yours, that allows you to strengthen the objectives of your online communication strategy. In a blog you can show what you know, share your thoughts, your knowledge, position yourself as an expert in a certain field, adding with your knowledge great value to the community of followers that you are slowly building.

It’s your starting point, where people can have access to what you have to say and you can receive comments that in turn will allow you to enrich the value of your contributions.

Let’s see what are the most important points that make a blog  so worth having :

1. The ability to share

The contents of a blog are shared much more than those of the websites. If you write an interesting article for your target audience and if you have the share buttons available to the user, at the end of each post, it will be very easy for the content to be shared, with all the viral potential of the network.


2. The power of the SEO used in Blogs

With a good keyword strategy, if you respect a correct density of keywords, apply the keywords in the titles and subtitles and in the body of the texts you place the keywords in an appropriate way, a blog can be the easiest and cheapest way to get ranked in Google and really mark your presence on the first page of the search engines.

There are also very interesting plugins to enhance SEO, I have used SEO all in One Pack on all of my blogs and that’s all I really need to make sure my content is properly set up for SEO.


3. Be professional and you will look like an expert

The best way to show that you know what you’re talking about when you say you’re “expert in” is to make sure what you are writing about is interesting. So read your blog, maybe get someone else to read your blog as well and if the content is rich and you are truly sharing good information your audience will grow fast and they will look at you as an expert in that particular field.

4. Comments comments and more comments

People love to talk about and comment when they find content of their interest and relevant to them. Comments will help you establish that connection with your audience and they only will return if they liked it. I know there are all the Social Media like Instagram or Twitter or even Facebook where people can leave their opinions, but remember, In spaces like Twitter we can get some virality but the content fades away really quick on the timeline. In a blog, your followers know that you have interesting content and the content, discussion opinions stay, and if people like it that much they can subscribe to your blog the same way they follow people on Social Media and always be up to date with all the new things you publish

5. A blog helps people get closer to each other

It is not like before when big companies would sell or talk about stuff but you really didn’t know anyone in the company, with a Blog people have the opportunity to get to know you, who you are and if they like you or what you have to say they will be your loyal friends, even business partners helping you grow your business without even knowing it.

6. You create your own brand

With a Blog you can create what you want and post any picture you want, create the dream image of what you want your brand to be. The sky is your limit and trust me if you do a good job you will succeed and your blog will grow.

7. Fully Google friendly

Seo can optimize the HTML of your website, link building can work … but the perfect complement to SEO is the creation of content that is fresh, interesting, up to date and content that people will value. Your Blog needs to be interesting, professional and with specialized content, if you do that Google will reward you because it is not just about a set of keywords located in the right spot, it is about showing Google that your content has value and more value than the competition. This is how you get to the top!

Is there a downside in having a blog


I guess you can say there is good and bad in everything, so even having a blog might have a few less positive parts.

I am not sure I can call it a less positive side, the only thing some people might not like about having a Blog is that you actually have to work to create a successful blog.

Yes, blogging requires time, it requires research when you are not sure about something you are about to write an article on, it requires patience and a good strategy for your keywords.

A blog requires a schedule, it is not about writing a post and forget about it for a week or two.

In order to make sure search engines like Google will take you into consideration you have to show Google you are serious about your business, so you need to post articles with a certain frequency and schedule.

You need to make sure you moderate comments when you receive it and always answer your audience when they ask you something specific. You have to prove that you care.

If you do not like to write or it overwhelms you a lot, it is probably better to hire someone to do it for you. Everyone should dedicate themselves to what they know how to do.

You will have to work on images to make them attractive to your audience. This is also more work.

Optimization for SEO is not just working on keywords. In the CMS you must have some installed plugins that will also require texts, that might be invisible to your audience, but they will not be for Google.

Should you blog or not?

A blog really gives a lot of work and for those who are looking for a quick road to success, you will not find it.

It is a great channel of communication that can and will help you a lot to increase your visibility in search engines, it will help to optimize your reputation and, after all, although indirectly it will help you achieve success because, after all, it is the best way to communicate with your audience.

When I first began even considering a blog online when I was at the verge of a middle life crisis and wanting to change my career before it was too late, (I am a late bloomer) I did not have a clue where and how to start and one platform that has helped me taking the first steps and lead me all the way to where I am today, employee free and completely in charge of my future, is the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

It is a great place to learn things and most of it, it’s a place where you can actually learn for free and if anyone was to ask me where to start I would definitely tell you to go there before you spend any money anywhere else.

Go to WA and see if blogging is really something that you can do, they will teach you everything you need to know before you can make an informed decision and change your life like I did mine.

Wishing you the greatest success and please share down below what your experience has been blogging if you have ever done it before.


  1. I love the wording at the top….Never Give Up!  So true with a blog.  It does take time and patience, but I know one day in the not too far future, I will see some bigger rewards from it.  I will never give up.  I am also with Wealthy Affiliate, and I can’t even imagine not.  I have come so far and my website is getting up there in the rankings.  I could not have done it without Wealthy Affiliate!

    1. I agree with you Icould not have got to where I am today without the help of WA. And yes, the road it is not always easy nor straight but the secret is NEVER GIVE UP!

  2. I read that blogging is one of the online careers one can venture into . I was actually doubting of going into it because I don’t really know much about it and how to run it but this article has really explained every bit I need to know about blogging.Guidelines I should follow and things I should do. Now I blogging is really what I will venture into . Thanks for sharing this information as it has encouraged and educated me.

    1. Thank you, but please remember do Blog about something you are passionate about; it makes it much easier and fun to do.

  3. I believe blogs are a brilliant way to earn online. The fact is that even if you are not making your blog your main source of income – if you have a website (and every business should) you should have a blog so that you have a great way to draw readers to your website. You can update your customers about any changes to your business, including new product launches, and you can build trust and authority. 

    A blog is always a great idea in my opinion. 

  4. Hi, I agree with you totally that a blog is worthy of anything you invest in it. Be it the time, money or intellectual properties. Blogging is a good way to become a success but it requires time, stress, motivation and persistency. Making use of SEO is very cool but without quality contents, it will amount to nothing. Having a space to yourself where you can disburse your intellectual properties to the world and receive feedbacks (comments) on what you write or post on is such a good feeling. I an a blogger and blogging has turned to my job and my hobby. I find joy doing it.

    wealthy affiliate is a perfect place for beginners to get started. Thanks for introducing that too.

    1. Thank you Derrick, I must say I can see from the way you write hat you are a good writer, I hope one day to be as eloquent as you sound. For now I am trying to learn to blog in english even though english is not my first language. It’s patience and persistence and I have plenty of it!

  5. Blogging sure takes some time before one starts seeing success with it. Not everyone goes into blogging with the intent to make money. Some people might just want to share their opinions about a subject and they use a blog as the medium to do so.

    Others blog in other to monetize the blog. It is all about personal reasons. Some people do start out not intending to monetize their blogs but later on, they change their minds and realize that a blog can be used for much more than just expressing one’s opinion.

    For those of us that monetize our blogs, I think it is well worth it because it can really lead to a substantial stream of income that can last for a long time. So to your question is a blog worth it, my answer is yes it is totally worth it.

  6. Hi,

    I found your article helpful. There are so many people who are earning money as a blogger .And there are millions of people who want to join online earning site. And I also think that blog is best for everyone for earn money online. In this article you described so many things about blogging and bloggers. It will help them who want to earn money online by blogging and who are new to blogging. 

    Thank you for sharing this article with us .It was a great article.

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