How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Blog – 2019

how to use pinterest to promote your blog

How to use Pinterest to promote your blog? This is a question I asked myself at the beginning of my online venture. I knew well  about Facebook, or Twitter but I wasn’t too familiar with Pineterst.

In my ignorance I thought Pinterest was a bunch of very beautiful photos or pictures that people were publishing and sharing with others…

So Little did I know!

If you are a Blogger like myself, and you are doing it for a living, one of the main goals of our daily routine is to get that last post in front of as many people as possible.

Social Medias are one of the most used tools to expand someone audience and among the Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin we find our very popular Pinterest.  

In the last few years it has become one of the biggest sources of traffic for a lot of bloggers whether you are aware of it or not.

There are Blogs that get most of their traffic from Pinterest yet not many people know how useful it can be to expand your audience.

How to use pinterest to promote your blog

The good news is since not many people are aware of it, ( but they are catching up) there is still space for new Bloggers to grow with it, and it is not as hard as other Social Medias.

Even though I am still learning to master Pinterest as a tool, I have seen my audience grow from 230 viewers to  5.8K viewers in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Now, I know 5.8K is nothing compared to the Pinterest gurus, but for someone that has been stuck at 230 for what seemed to be forever, 5.8K in 10 days was a great start.

So here is how you can use Pinterest to promote your Blog and grow your traffic!

What Is Pinterest?

Let me explain first what is Pinterest before I share with you the best ways to use it to help your Blog.

I know we think Pinterest is a Social media, and even though it is, I have to say, it is more than just a Social Media.

Pinterest works almost like a search engine.

As for the definition you can find on Pinterest itself, it says that,  quote “Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more” unquote.

Now when you look at it as a search engine, you change the perspective of how you treat the platform;  and you realise it is not simply a way to connect with other people and audience; It's much more.

Pinterest is more like a business platform and you should treat it as such if you want it to work for your Blog.

How to use pinterest to promote your blog

A two way street

Pinterest  is a two way street.

What do I mean by that?

You share your pins with the world but you also help the world share their pins with you and other people.

It is like a community of people helping each others.

But bear in mind, for your Pins to be found or shared it still takes a little time, so you have to allow it time to grow.

Nothing happens overnight in the online world.

How to use pinterest to promote your blog

I am going to give you a couple of suggestions and if you follow them and keep Pinning away for the next, say 2 to 3 months without expecting any major grow, and not stressing yourself about it, I can guarantee at the end of the period you will see how much your traffic has improved.

Let’s start with the basics:

How To Create A Pinterest Account

When you create a Pinterest account, ideally it should be the same name as your blog or on the same theme .

Fill in your profile providing a description of your Blog and yourself, what do you do, what do you like.

When it’s time to post a picture on your profile try to use one of your Blog, so that everything is connected and makes sense to the people.

You want to create an experience that is easy to follow and understandable for the audience.

One of the things people don’t notice straight away is that Pinterest has two accounts, one that is personal and one is for Business.

They are both Free to join so when you set it up for your Blog promotion choose the Business account.

Don’t worry if you have signed up for Pinterest and didn’t know, you can still switch to a business account your personal one without any problems

Boards for your Blog

Once you have your account is time to set up a few boards. These are where you are going to Pin your stuff later on.

The Boards you want to set up they will have to be related to your blog. Say for example you have a cooking Blog, you will want to create a few boards called  Desserts, Main Dishes, Gluten Free Recipes, Vegetarians and so on.

If you are a travel blogger for example you will create Boards related to the places you have visited, maybe “Beaches” “Mountains” “Exotic” and so on.

One board that you will want to create is your Blog Board, a Board dedicated to all the posts that you have made and currently publish.

How to use pinterest to promote your blog

My Pinterest Profile

Now don’t get too overwhelmed by the Board, remember you can always add new Boards as your audience grow or as you see it necessary.

Get a few Basic Boards to get you started .

How to Create Pins for your Boards

When it’s time to create Pins, I have two favorite tools I use: One is  Canva and the other one is Design Wizard. They both come with a Free Option to create some amazing Pins and in particular Design Wizard has some really cool features that allows you not only to create posters with images but also Videos and Short Stories!

design wizard
design wizard

Canva is also a free tool ( there is a paid version if you want to upgrade but I never use it).

It makes creating Pins super easy as it gives the exact image resolution and size you need for Pinterest so you don’t have to spend any time trying to calculate the pixels and all the boring stuff.

how to use pinterest to promote your blog

I normally prepare a couple, of Pins (at least) for every post I make.

The idea is that you can share your post multiple times on Pinterest using different Pins to attract ​more viewers.

You can even prepare in advance 10 or twenty Pins, if you have a lot of Posts, and download them on your computer and every day use a couple to Pin on your profile to share.

Design Wizard and Canva even give you some Free Images but if you are not finding exactly what you need, go in places like or and you will find lots of quality Free Images to download and use for your Pins.

It’s time to start Pinning

We can move now to the action part of our Pinterest venture. It’s time to Pin.

Please do not get carried away and start Pinning everything you created in one go. If you have created lots of Pins and have stored them on your PC, what you can do is load them bit by bit and you can do it by using a tool called Tailwind.

No Time To Pin

Sometimes people will tell me they don’t have time to spend all day Pinning or to go back on Social Medias ten times a day.

I could not agree more with you and that’s why using Tailwind  will solve that problem for you. ( I am going to explain Tailwind a little further down)

For now let’s Pin a few of our favorite Pins that we have just created on our Board dedicated to our Blog  and to do that you will need to click the link on the right hand side of your screen, (if you are using a PC) where there is a + Sign , drag and drop your pin inside the space available.

On the right hand side, copy and paste the URL of the Post you want to promote and in the Title area and description area  provide a little bit of Info for your Pin so that people can understand more what the Pin is all about.

Important: do not forget to put a description in your Pin areas or the Pin will never be found…Remember we are working with a Search Engine

What I tend to do is copy the full blog post name in the description area and then the meta description that I have used in Yoast (my SEO Help), with a few extra lines.

When it’s time to save your Pin you can save it on your Blog Board, and if you want to save it on some other Boards you can do that too.

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Sharing is caring

Ever heard of that? A very important part of your success on Pinterest is determined by you sharing your Pins with others but also of you Re-Pinning somebody else Pins.

Remember it is a community and the more you share and Re-Pin, the more others will do the same for you. This is how your traffic is going to grow.

How to Share Your Pins

There are two main ways to share your Pins:

Using a group Board or by using Pinterest Facebook Pages.

Pinterest Boards

hot to use pinterest to promote your blog

In order to share your Pins on a Group Board  you need to join it first.

It isn’t always easy, so you have to do a bit of research because locating group boards is not a matter of just one click.

A Group board is identifiable by the circle that shows on the board on the left bottom corner of the board. If you see one circle with one image then it's not a board but if you see a circle that has three images inside of the space then it is a board.

Once you find a board you need to read the rules that normally appear on the description área and ask to join the board. Normally you will have to send an email to the founder of the board and wait for them to extend an invitation to you to join the board.

I will warn you it might take some times and you might note even always get a reply to your email. Don’t get discouraged and keep asking to join more boards.

Once you joined, the group board will appear in your list of boards and you can then share your Pins, usually 2 or 3 pins max a day, depending on the rules of the board.

Once you have started to Pin, remember as well to Re-Pin the Pins of other people so that they are encouraged to do the same with yours.

Well that’s the thing, these boards are all about trust!

People have a tendency to join huge boards, but I find that smaller group boards are easy to manage and there is more sharing within the group.

Facebook Pinterest Pages

how to use pinterest

This was taught to me by another Blogger because I had no idea they existed. It could be that I am not a very big fan of Facebook so I try to stay away from it, I much rather prefer using Twitter or Linkedin.

But if you need to do business  you have to put aside your personal preferences.

How do you find Pinterest Pages  on Facebook?

 Simply by typing ‘Pinterest for Bloggers" into Facebook search bar and a lot will appear!

Once you found the group you want to join, please MAKE SURE you join a page that is relevant to your blog.

You must keep in mind that not all Pinterest for Bloggers Facebook pages will be to share pins.

Some will be for information and learning purposes.

And don’t forget to read the rules.

In order for the pages to work well for everyone, there has to be rules and restrictions to follow. Remember this is a business is not Social Hour!

Wait to be accepted

Once you have asked to join there is a waiting period, like with Pinterest group Boards, where you must be approved within the group.

You will usually be asked to give the URL of your Post and Pineterst account so that the admin of the group can decide if you  can be accepted or not.

Like with every group remember this is a place to share your Pins and re-pin other people, it’s a two way Street so don’t forget that!

24 Hours allowance

One thing you must know is that Facebook Pinterest Pages have a life span of 24 hours.

Meaning every 24hrs the admin of that particular  page launches a new thread and you can start posting and liking other people pins. Because of this  24 hours space there will be people who post after you, so make sure  you go back later on in the day and keep pinning  until the 24 hours are over!


Getting to know Tailwind

I wish I could have found Tailwind long time ago, but I guess it is always better late than never.

I use Tailwind to Schedule all my Pins so I don’t have to spend half of my day Pinning.

I usually do this once a week, it’s like a routine: the Tailwind day.

Prepare Pins on Canvas, attach all the URL needed and schedule them for Pinning with Tailwind.

How To Schedule your Pins with Tailwind?

The good news is that Tailwind is FREE to use for the first 100 pins which should last you at least 3 months  or more so it's worth checking it out to see how it can help your audience and traffic grow

At first you sign up and then you want to Schedule your first Pins.

At the beginning what I wanted to do was  to share a new pin every day so I set up a schedule for  1 post a day to go out in the afternoon. I chose afternoon because of the time factor and the area where I live.

I wanted to Pin to be seen by the largest audience possible so I was trying to pick a time where most people would be awake in the world….(hard task to decide the time).

The good thing is, once you set it up, you prepare your pins and schedule, you don’t have to go back to Tailwind again until the next scheduling is due.

how to use pinterest and tailwind

The Pin/Tailwind/Canva Day

We are all different and what Works for me might not work for you, but as a rule I prefer to have a day in the week to get all my Pins, Canva creations and scheduling ready so I can dedicate the rest of the week days to other stuff like writing new Blogs or preparing new Videos for YouTube.

First go to Canva and prepare maybe 20 or 30 Pins; when they are ready to go upload them and  add them to your Tailwind board.

Copy the URL of the blog post you want to promote into a box below the description add a few more lines to make it more enticing and click schedule!

The entire system can be done with a drag and drop routine which makes it fun, easy to perform and will save you seriously so much time!!


This can be implemented as a simple routine to do once a week or once every two weeks like many other things that you do without even thinking about it.

One important aspect that you should NOT forget is the SEO part.

Remember your Pins are searchable, so in order to be found they need to have keywords added to the captions on your images.

People often forget about it because Pinterest is so visual, but SEO is still there, even if in the background, and it plays a very important part.

So this is it for me today, I hope you have found the post useful, and maybe there is a bit more clarity on what Pinterest can do for you.

All I have left to do is go Pin this post on my Board and share it with the world and I hope if you see it, you will Pin it too!

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