How To Sell Affiliate Programs, How To Choose Them And Where To Find Them

Today I would like to talk about a topic that has been one of the things I found to be more challenging when I first decided to start my own Internet Marketing Business: Affiliate Programs!

I knew I was tired of my job, I knew I wanted to do something Online, and after signing up with Wealthy Affiliate, I did the training, followed the courses and then got to the point when it was time to dive deep into the Marketing World. Not having anything of my own to sell I chose to become an Affiliate Marketer but finding the right Affiliate Program, knowing how to choose the right Affiliate Program and mostly how to sell an Affiliate Program proved to be the hardest part of the business.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Just to recap, in case some of you don’t know how an affiliate program works or what it is: promoting an affiliate program is a way of earning an income online when you do not have your own products to promote and sell.

Many out there have their own books, arts, products, courses, merchandise, and so many other things to put on sale on their own website.

After all, if you decided to start an online business it is because ultimately you want to make an income and be able to change your actual profession for something that you enjoy and gives you financial independence, but also more time for yourself and your family.

For those, like myself, that wanted to start a business online but did not have my own products to sell, we had to use the affiliate marketing world in order to make that income and gain that freedom.

So you become an affiliate marketer, choose products that usually are related to something you like, love, have a passion for, promote these products and get a percentage, or commission for every sale that you make.

Pretty simple isn’t it?

I guess when you are looking at it this way, it is.

How do you sell Affiliate programs or products?

Becoming an Affiliate Marketer may not be too simple, but it is neither a difficult or impossible task to achieve. With the right tips, strategies, and training, with a lot of patience, dedication and the will to learn and make it, anyone can become a successful online entrepreneur.

There are different ways you can promote and sell a product, let’s analyze some of those methods together

  • You can do it via Social media, (but you need to be careful not to be cut off and have your profile shut down) because, Social Media Network does not particularly like to have links related to products posted on a personal profile, especially if your post is a plain ad  with no meaningful content or post related to it.

What I mean is, say, for example, you want to sell phone cases; you can’t just go on Facebook, to mention one very popular Social Media and put a photo of a phone case and a link underneath directly connected to the shop you are promoting and of which you have registered and become an affiliate.

I mean, I guess, you can still do that, but Facebook will eventually stop you from doing it and you are risking to having your profile shut down.

The only way they might not stop you, is if you opt for Paid Advertising.

  • Paid advertising is another way to promote your affiliate program, but who wants to pay for advertising when you are at the beginning of your career online and don’t have a big capital to invest on paid ads?

I know when I first started, I could not afford to do any paid advertising and to be honest, you could end up spending a lot of money and get really very little results from you Paid campaign. At least when you are at the beginning.

  • Writing a Blog, launching your own Website. This has been my choice, and by far, the one that has proven to be the best way to launch your Affiliate marketing career, and also the cheapest way to do it, although, I will warn you, it is not the fastest way to do it.

Deciding to become a Blogger to promote you Affiliate Products, can be very rewarding and works better when you are using your Blog to write and promote something you feel truly passionate about and you can easily relate to.

When you choose a Blog like a form of Free Advertising and promotion of your Niche, you are aiming at getting your traffic from the search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. The more people will like your website/Blog, the more visitors you will get, and the bigger the chances are, that some of these visitors will purchase something that you like and recommend.

So how do you do that?

How to get giants like Google to like your Blog?

This is the part where the hard work comes in the picture, and the part where I will say, if you are looking for a quick solution to make a whole hip of money in a very short period of time maybe it’s time to stop reading and search for another post.

Of course, I could be here bullshitting you as well (excuse my language), and tell you a bunch of lies that if you follow my suggestions and tips, and the programs and courses I have followed, you will make your big bucks before the end of the month.

I could lie, yes, but I don’t see any gain from it if only losing your trust if you trust me at all, and what I am trying to establish here is a website to help people become successful not a scam or a get rich quick scheme.

So now that I have cleared that part, I can go back to our friends Google and Yahoo, and Bing, the ones that will help us establish a long term successful site that will bring us a consistent income if we play it right and do it correctly.

Search Engines will like you if you are there to help people with your Blog, or website, they will like you so much that they will put you eventually on the first page of their searches, the page you need to be for your future customers to buy from you and make you earn that commission from your affiliate program.

The more valuable content you will produce on your Blog, the more interesting and helpful articles you will write on your blog, the higher you will be ranked in these pages of Google, and the higher you will get, the bigger your audience will grow, till one day, you will surprise yourself, and find your website or Blog on the first page and you will see how one sale of an article will lead to a second or a third and after that…only the sky is the limit.

Or maybe I should say only you can be your limit.

Finding the right Affiliate Programs

I have a couple of websites that I run, one was my first passion since the beginning, (a Vegan theme, since I am a vegan) and another is the site where you are actually reading this post.

When I first started and was looking for a Niche I wanted to do something that was Vegan related because that’s where my passion resides.

The second site (being completely honest) was more of an experiment because I did not know anything about marketing or affiliate marketing, and I always thought that the marketing topic was simply boring to me.

To my surprise, I actually grew to like it and the idea to be able to share my knowledge and my experience with other people motivated me to do it.

I will never `pretend to be a guru of the affiliate world, everything I know, I have learnt thanks to the platform I joined coming up over a year now, Wealthy Affiliate, and everything I am and know today I own to them.

How did I find my first affiliate program?

The first program I went and searched for was Clickbank, I had heard of them before so I signed up and searched for product related to veganism that Clickbank was promoting. Unfortunately, I did not find many things that would fit what I was trying to do.

So I went to Amazon. Amazon is probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest Affiliate marketing platform you can find around.

You want to promote books, clothes, watches, games, food, …I mean, you name it, they will have it.

I signed up with Amazon, and found products that were related to my topic and I thought were worth promoting and had value.

Amazon though does not offer very big commissions and you have to do a lot of work and sales to make a substantial income.

Other Affiliates?

Program name + Affiliate

If you need to find more Affiliate programs, one of the easiest ways to do it is to type simply the name of what you want to sale and the plus sign followed by the word affiliate on the search engine of Google and the results will bring you a list of companies that do offer affiliate programs and for which you can sign up if you want.

For example, let’s say you want to promote your Blog and your Niche is sports equipment. You can simply start by typing Gym equipment + Affiliate and the result should open up a few companies that are selling gym equipment and that use affiliates like yourself to sell their products.


Finding exactly what you are looking for can be time-consuming; it takes time to find the right products, it takes even longer to find if the products do actually have an affiliate program, and even once you found it, you still need to register for each one separately.

You have to fill up a form, apply, wait to be approved, before you can start selling something with your own personal link.

Not every company will say yes straight away; some companies like PaidOnResults will allow you to join straight away and most of the companies they represent will accept you as an affiliate immediately. Some will want to review your website and profile before they decide if you fit their products or not.

Clickbank is another Affiliate Bank that requires only to join and you can start promoting straight away, but not many of the products of Clickbank are really worth it, ( at least this is my personal opinion) and I guess it also depends on your Niche.

You have other companies like Rakuten Marketing that are representing thousands of different products that you can join as well, but with them be aware, you still have to wait for the approval of each individual company before you can sell.

CJ Affiliate is a very big affiliate marketing program. With them, you have to fill a form, describe your website and what you intend to do and once you join, you have to wait as well for each individual approval from the companies you decide to promote the products for.

Why approval?

I know the whole process can be quite time-consuming, but you must understand when you are trying to promote a product that cost over 1000$ some checks need to be done.

Say for example you are promoting education online and write an article about a learning course from Simplylearn a company that teaches digital marketing. Their courses are fantastic, but not cheap, they go from 600 $ upwards. Now you are a Blogger writing about education, Simplylearn before they allow you to sell their product they want to check your blog or website and make sure it is of good quality and that you are not running a scam they would not want to be associated with.

Get my point? That’s when your quality content, the one we spoke before, comes into the picture and plays a fundamental role in the success or failure of your business.

How to find Affiliate programs easily?

Now that we have seen how the affiliate program search works, let’s see if there is an easier way to find these programs.

You have to look at the bigger picture, of course,e you can find millions of programs by doing individual researches, but it can be a very lengthy process and one thing to keep in mind is that you will have to sign up for each individual program, you will receive links, your personal affiliate links, from each individual program and you will have to save them, maybe on an Excel, or a Notepad, somewhere where you can access them when you want to promote that specific product or are looking for a different one.

The entire process can be quite overwhelming and confusing sometimes unless you are super organised with your stuff.

So what if there was one single platform that has reunited all the affiliate programs you may ever need and that offers you direct access to each individual company and allows you to save all your personal affiliate links in just want single pot?

Amazing isn’t it?

Yes, it would make your life so much easier, not more + affiliate searches on Google, no more copy and past links on your Pc or Mac to save the links; everything done in one single page, on one single platform, and this is exactly what WA offers.

All the Affiliate programs and searches you need are here

I am not here to hide the fact that I have been a Wealthy Affiliate Member for quite a while now, if I wasn’t I would not know half of the things I know today.

My son wanted to learn Internet Marketing and I told him to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate because it was the best learning online course he could find, and he is now starting to build his first website.

I own to WA everything I am today and I would not have it in any other way, but what they have done now, (and I wish it would have happened when I first joined) is that they have established a platform that gives you straight in the palm of your hand all the affiliate marketing programs you need without having to search anymore for anything at all. EVER!

One click and you are connected to Rakuten, or CJ or Clickbank or whoever you may need or are looking for.

The platform is the results of two years of work of a company that has been around for more than14 years now and once again they bring something sensational to the table.

So for those of you out there that want to change their current career and want to start a business online and do like those cool guys and girls on Youtube that are travelling the world and making an income at the same time: I have news for you, it is possible and Wealthy Affiliate can show you how.

Great tools, great video tutorials, great classes and now great affiliate programs directly to your dashboard. What else do you need?

You don’t even need a credit card to have a look at Wealthy Affiliate because it is a company that allows you a Free Access to their site with a Starter Pack for Newbies which is completely free and full of tutorials.

I hope I have given you some insights on the affiliate marketing world and I hope for any of you out there that are looking for a better future that today is the beginning of your new life.

To your success




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