How To Create And Publish An E-Book – Designrr Review

Hi, everyone, today I would like to talk about E-Books and how to create and publish an E-Book using a particular software called Designrr.

Before I continue, Yes the name is actually Designrr with 2 Rs at the end and No, I haven’t made a spelling mistake!

E-Books, I have sort of love and hate relationship with the topic; love because I always wanted to write an E-Book, and hate because I struggled quite a bit during the process.


There are many reasons why people use E-Books; you might be an excellent writer and want to write your own book and share all your stories with the world; you might be a brilliant Chef with a thousand recipes to give away; you could be an Entrepreneur and have your own Online business and see the E-Book as a simple but effective tool to use to either attract  new customers, or thank the customers for their support.

No matter how you look at it, an E-Book can have an impact on any Online Business and especially when you want to attract new leads and new traffic, it is one of the cheapest ways to give something away for Free, as a Thank-you Note, say for example, for subscribing to your website.

So whether you are writing an e-Book to give away for Free or you intend to publish it and sell it on your own website, the question is how to write it, create it and publish it with the less amount of money possible.

Designrr Review

A couple of months ago I was reading an article published by someone I have been following on the Internet for quite some time now, and she was talking about this software that helped her create her own personal E-Books.

Normally I do not like to buy something if I have not been able to test it first and ideally with a Free Trial , but in this case I knew the lady, ( not personally, but I had followed her for long enough  to trust her judgement and recommendations) so I decided to  go and buy the Program myself and see if this could be the solution to my problems.

I have, since I bought it, published two small E-Books that I use as simple tools to attract more customers and I give away as a Free gift, and I can honestly say, I have noticed the difference in the business.

But enough talking about me, let’s have a look at the product itself: DESIGNRR


Purpose:  Creates and Publishes E-Books

Owner: Paul Clifford Bannister

Rating: 8 out of 10

Designrr is a software application developed by a company called PageOneTraffic,  which develops marketing software.

The software was launched in 2016 and since then it has acquired over 10000 users.

Whether you want to write your own material and have already done so on a  Microsoft word Sheet, or you are struggling to come up with your own material but have lots of blogs and posts or even Videos that you have created and  would like to put together and format in an E-Book , this is exactly what Designrr  will do for you.

It creates beautiful ebooks or lead magnets from one or more web pages by simply importing them; it removes all the clutter like sidebars, social icons, adverts, navigation so you end up with pure, clean content for your book.

How Does It Work?

Basically you can have a Google document saved on your Mac or Pc, or  have a great post that you published on Facebook; maybe you have your own Blog with hundreds of topics you have spoken about  or have a YouTube channel with lots of videos; no matter what your source is, Designrr is capable of transform that source  and convert it into a beautiful Ebook to publish.

Whether Text or Video or Audio Files the software allows you to create an E-Book in minutes rather than hours and hours spent copying the transcript.

Don’t get me wrong, you can also use Designrr to manually create an E-Book from scratch, but the point I am trying to make is that the software itself will give you the right format and still cut in half the time you would spend in formatting a proper and stylish E-Book.

Let’s Open the program

First of all, I liked the fact that I did not have to download anything on my Mac but everything in regards to the functionality of the software works online. The only thing that I downloaded at the end was my own E-Books.

When you first open the program you find yourself in front of a fairly simple screen

On the left-hand side of the dashboard, you will have access to your project and drafts and on the right-hand side of the screen you will be able to create a new project, access your account details and there is also a feature giving you the option to upgrade.

Now at the time of this review, I have not Upgraded yet. To try out the product I felt the cost of 27.00$ was the maximum amount I was ready to spend.

The program I will say also offers a 30 days money-back guarantee.

I have not returned the product because it serves the purpose I wanted it for and I am happy, so far with everything I have done.

Now going back to the Dashboard, you will also have a Pop Up Video that offers you access to the tutorials when you are at the beginning of your E-Book creation.Designrr

Designrr is fairly easy to use but I would still suggest watching the tutorials to have a better idea of how to navigate around the site and wasting less time trying to understand it on your own.


As the program promises,  in order to create your first E-Book all you have to do is click on the icon on the right-hand side of the screen

Create A New project

Give a name to your project

Choose a Source from where you want to import your E-Book material (Pc, URL, Audio File)

Click on the Import Botton

Once you have imported your file you will need to select a template  for the E-Book

and as a Last step Save it as a Draft

the reasons I am suggesting to save it as a draft it is because you can go back later on and change it and edit it which is easier to do from the draft than later on in the E-Book format.

That’s it. Once you have followed all the steps you can click on the Next button near the draft and you will be able to see your E-Book.

You can save the E-Book on a PDF Format and then upload it wherever you need to on your website. If you want to publish it or have it as an HTML format the options are available only with the Upgrade versions. Again in my case, I saved my books as PDF and easily imported them wherever I need to with no extra costs.

In the Link that Designrr promotes as an offer to buy there is actually a video that shows you exactly all these steps before you decide to purchase anything.


At first glance, and for the E-Book I have done, it seems pretty straight forward, editing your book is quite easy and you have all the necessary tools to change the Fonts, the sizes, the colours, the layout of the images in your E-Book and even the photo to use on the cover of the book.

You don’t have to be a geek or an expert in codes to create a stylish book within minutes and be proud of yourself.


I have paid for Designrr 27.00$ which gives me lifetime access to the program. There are other options and when and if you decide to buy it before you get to the last page, the paying page, they will ask you to upgrade if you wish to.

I did not for the time being because, as I said previously I wanted to test it first.

There are different options from the Initial Pack which costs 27.00 $  you can upgrade to the Pro for  97.00$,  and the Premium for 297.00$ and lastly the Business for 397.00$.

My advice would be to start with the basic and only if you are a full-time writer or if E-Books are an essential part of your business maybe consider the other options.


Designrr  is easy to use, as easy as they make it sound importing your E-Book material in less than 5 minutes and generating a book in even less time

The cost of 27.00$ is quite affordable and if you don’t wish to upgrade you can do a lot with just the Basic version

Support is good, I had a few questions when I first joined and sent an email to which they replied in less than a day

Templates: the choice of templates for your E-Books are quite a lot and even though you don’t have access to the complete library that you would access with the upgraded versions there’s plenty to choose from anyway.

Saving a lot of time. Typing can be a lengthy process especially when you are like me and I am not a fast typer so to have a program that imports the material for you it can literally save days of work


Not all the import future are available unless you Upgrade. You can import your content from a URL, from Word, create a new E-book manually but some of the features like importing from Video or Audio files or from a PDF are only available in the other options.

To be honest, I had a PDF that I wanted to import and I had to convert it to a word format before importing it so I was still able to find a solution even if it took a little longer.

The creation of a 3D book cover is not available on the Basic version.

But even here I found a solution and there is a great site where you can create your E-Book 3D covers for Free. I leave the link here if you want to check it out. No cost at all. It’s called DIY Books Design

Final Verdict

For me, it’s a Yes! I enjoyed the program, it gave me exactly what I wanted, there where no Hidden Costs or surprises and mostly it allowed me to create some good E-Books that I needed for my online business and to help me generate more leads.

So whether you want to write about your best recipes, or how to have better health, or talk about technology, Designrr it is definitely a software I would consider to make your life easier.

If you need any help with writing content and come up with ideas or need any extra training on how to develop your online business, here is a small article that might help you and if you have any questions about Designrr or anything else, leave us a comment in the space below.

p.s. This is a small YouTube Video I did using Designrr if you would like to see more of it. But remember I am not a professional YouTuber!!!


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