Free Keyword Tool For YouTube – 2019

free keyword tool for youtube

One of the fundamental aspects of writing a Blog is choosing the right keywords. There are many online tools that you can use to find these keywords and develop your articles around them, but when it comes to Vlogs, is there any free keyword tool for You Tube that we can use?

Do we need a keyword ​for YouTube ​?

Indeed, we do, keywords in the Vlogging department are as important as they are in Blogging. 

The choice of the right keyword for your Video can help your Vlog get to the first page of the search engines when it comes to YouTube.

So, let’s look at some of the free keyword tool for You Tube that are available online today.

free keyword tool for youtube

Why Do You Need Keywords ?

For those of you that do not know, YouTube has over a billion hours of videos watched daily from all over the world.

Yes, you heard it correctly, a billion!

I mean, my two sons are seriously contributing to this billion since they seem to have abandoned the old TV for You Tube Series…

When we think of these numbers it is easy to understand why YouTube is considered the second largest search engine after Master Google.

If you are thinking of creating videos because you don’t feel Blogging it’s really your thing, before you go ahead and start publishing videos you should decide what you should Vlog about.

How do you do that?

By finding out what people are watching, what is popular, what people are researching using keywords when they are on YouTube.

That’s when our Keyword tool become handy and an indispensable tool to use.

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Researching Keywords

While with Blogging there are plenty of keywords tool that you can use, like Jaaxi, or Google Keyword Planner; when it comes to Videos there is no official keyword research Planner but there are still some good tools out there and that’s what I would like to share with you today.

My favorite 4  Keyword Search tools for Videos

Free Keyword Tool ​1:TubeBuddy

free keyword tool for youtube

TubeBuddy is a FREE browser extension that will integrate directly to your YouTube Channel and help you run the channel with ease.

You can install it freely whether you use Chrome or Firefox, and it adds a sidebar to the YouTube UI with additional keyword data.

On your YouTube Channel on the right-hand side of the screen you’ll see the little TubeBuddy Icon and if you click on it, it will give you access to the different features that are available.

The main feature we are looking at, at this point is the keyword explorer and if you open it and type a specific keyword   the tool will be able to show you what are the ranking for that specific word and give you suggestions on what you could use alternatively.

I leave you a screen-shot of two researches I have done that can show you how different the results can be between one keyword and another and what type of views you can expect using different keywords.

free keyword tool for youtube
free keyword tool for youtube

TubeBuddy will give you an estimated global search volume, competition, and an overall keyword score out of 100.

What I like as well of the tool is the tag list that it offers from the most used tags of the top tanking videos of a specific topic and you can copy these tags and paste it into your YouTube video tags.

TubeBuddy also suggests tags when you upload a video.

On your video pages, you will be able to see the “Videolytics” of your own Vlog.

Videolytics shows you the numbers of total viewers, what are the popular tag words, which ones you should add and also is you have been mentioned or shared in different Social media Channels like Facebook or Twitter.

Beyond tags, another useful TubeBuddy feature is their rank tracker tool.

Price Range

There are many features available with the tool; some are free some are only available with the Upgrade version, but the price for the Upgrade is very affordable.

As always, I would suggest to try the Free Options and see what you think of it, and if you like it and are a committed Vlogger, then $ 4.50 a month is not that bad at all.

Remember that if you are at the beginning of your Vlog career and do not have that many subscribers in order to get the special price you need to click on the little box on the left side of the screen.

free keyword tool for youtube

Free Keyword Tool ​2 : Morning Fame

free keyword tool for youtube

Morning Fame unfortunately doesn’t have a free option and you can only try it if you receive an invite.

Just for this reason it is not one of my favorites, but still good to mention and a good tool overall when it comes to YouTube keyword research tool on analytics and keyword research.

If you want to check it out this is an invite and the first month it’s free to use.

Failing that if the invite expires you can normally find one on Google just by typing Morning Fame invite code.

Morning Fame works a little different when compared to TubeBuddy.

free keyword tool for youtube

The  keyword research process is done in four steps.

The first step will be to choose a topic for your next video:

  • you can this by  either entering a search term that fits your topic or by  pasting in the URL of a video that you have seen and has inspired you in some ways.

Once the first step is done, you get a list of keywords  as a result.

free keyword tool for youtube

The keywords are then divided into two different groups, keywords that are good for big Channels and keywords that are better for smaller types of Channels.

 After deciding what keyword you want to use you will go to the next step, where you can find the Ranking Opportunity Rating based on your chosen keyword’s search volume.

The Ranking Opportunity estimate is only based on four of your channels current data which would be your subscribers, views, likes & comments, and relevance so I am not sure it is entirely accurate.

In the final step you will be guided  through writing a title, description, and adding relevant tags to your video before publishing it.

Price Range

There is not much difference between TubeBuddy and Morning Fame but there is only one option if you decide to upgrade and the price is $ 4,90 a month or you can pay yearly and have it slightly cheaper.

free keyword tool for youtube

Free Keyword Tool ​ 3: vidIQ

free keyword tool for youtube

This tool is very similar to TubeBuddy; another free extension that you can install in your Chrome and adds additional data to the YouTube UI.

vidIQ offers keywords score, search volume, competition, keyword statistics, and the tags from the top-ranking videos.

Similarly to TubeBuddy it also suggests tags for your videos

free keyword tool for youtube

When it comes down to video results, the stats that you see are very similar to the ones obtained using TubeBuddy.

However there is one small but very useful difference between the two, which is the ability to export video tags to CSV in a single click without having to adding them to the tag list first

free keyword tool for youtube

A difference worth mentioning between the two tools is that vidIQ has a specific feature that allows you to see any competing channel’s top videos by view velocity. To access the feature, you have to click on the Trending tab within your back office.

If you are wondering why is this important, is because newly-published YouTube videos tend to get most of the traction within the first 48 hours when they get first promoted to the subscribers of the channels.

If the video has done well, then after that, it gets promoted to other audiences via browse features.

That is one of the reasons why sometimes you will see Videos that have been published ten months before still getting a huge amount of viewings on a daily basis.

Price Range

When it comes to prices, vidIQ has the same Basic Free Feature that allows you to try it and see if it’s really what works for you.

free keyword tool for youtube

Considering that Tube Buddy and vidIQ are very similar I would try them both for Free and if you later on decide to subscribe to the monthly payments, the difference is not that much but you will have a clearer idea of which one you prefer.

vidIQ comes with a price of  $ 7,50 a month which is slightly more than the $ 4,50 of TubeBuddy

Free Keyword Toll 4: Keyword Tool

Again here, we have an excellent Free version of the tool and also the Pro Version.

While the Pro is quite expensive when compared to the previous three keyword research tools the Free Version of keyword has definitely some great points worth to mention:

  • It can generate up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term
  • Keyword Tool is extremely reliable as it works 99.99% of the time
  • You can use it absolutely for free, even without creating an account helps you find keywords that are hidden in the Google Keyword Planner but it doesn’t use Google Keyword Planner; what it does it uses Google Autocomplete System.

The Autocomplete system generates words using an algorithm without any human involvement based on a number of objective factors, including how often past users have searched for a term.

Once you have your keywords you see them organized in four tabs:

free keyword tool for youtube
  1. The Keyword Suggestions
  2. Keywords formatted as questions.
  3. Keywords containing propositions
  4. Keywords with hashtags

You can also export the keywords to Excel or CSV with a simple click.

What I did not like of the tool is the fact that if you want to see any search volume results you can only access it if you pay, and as a I said, the price is not cheap when compared to the previous three.

Price Range

On this tool the minimum you are going to have to spend is $ 69,00 a month which to me (I am always on a budget) is a little too much.

Without any doubt there is plenty of value in the product but compared to the $ 4,00 to $ 7,00 of the other tools which are free and allows you to see your volume search even in the free option The is the last of my list.

free keyword tool for youtube

Should you Blog or Vlog?

Well if you are not too keen in writing articles Vlogging is certainly a very good options and the Vlogging market is not yet as saturated.

The competition in the YouTube market, especially if you are running an affiliate busines​, is not as high as the Google Search Engine Competition.

Now, said that, you must still considered keywords as a crucial factor of your success on YouTube as well.

It is not just about creating a great video, cause you could have one that is really really good but still get no views!

Having a good video should go hand in hand with some good , powerful strong keywords, so before you go and post that next video, ​make sure to use one of those free keyword tools for YouTube, and make that next Vlog stand out from the masses!

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