Finding A Niche Market Online By Following Your Passion

So you are ready to launch your new career, you have thought about it and your head is full of ideas. What to do next?

I have felt exactly the same way and been exactly in the same position, ready to go, wanting to start and eager to succeed and at the same time confused because I was not sure which way  I should go. Today I would like to dedicate this post to explain how finding a niche market online is not only important for you success but it’s ultimately a crucial point that can easily help you or stop you from achieving your dream.

Niche? What is a Niche?

I am pretty sure everyone knows what a niche is and I don’t really need to give a full explanation about it,  just for those of you out there that are not sure, a niche is a small, specialized market for a particular product or service which, if you decide you are starting a business online you will be promoting.

A niche is important, it’s your chosen market, the products that you will be promoting and selling to the public will be connected to a specific niche.

Let’s face it, you will not sale cocktails in a children website the same way you will not promote eating a beef burger to a Vegan market.

So that’s pretty simple, and so I thought it was for me as well.

The logical and easiest way to go about it is to follow a particular passion if you have one. It is much easier to sale animals gadgets if you have a passion for dogs or pets in general like it is much more fun to sell cosmetics if you love wearing makeup.

Passion is the Key?

I guess it plays a major role when writing a blog, building a website, promoting products. If whatever it is you decide to promote is something you truly believe in, and use or have even created yourself, the belief in the product is much stronger and the way you will talk about it on your blog, the way you will promote it will come across really genuine because you love the product itself and users will feel it.

Trust me!

The most successful blogs online are made by people that truly have a passion and believe 150% in what they are doing.

I don’t think they have motivated by the money ( not to start with ) I think they are motivated by their passion and the money, which is (of course ) a wonderful, “sort of ” side effect to this passion simply naturally follows.

Knowing your niche is not enough

I hope I am not bursting any bubble, trust me, I burst mine at first, but I want to share with you my experience so that maybe you will find some help, some clues and some short cuts to your personal success.

When I first started my online career, I did it for the money, yes, I am being honest, I wanted to change my life around and be able to spend more time with my kids.

So I looked at myself and tried to figure out what it was I could base my business on. I  have a few passions, I love Yoga, I love meditation, I love cooking and I am a vegan.

At the beginning it seemed really clear to me and also quite easy, all I had to do was to pick one of those inches and go for it, with my full commitment.

Was it enough? No, it wasn’t, as much as it might hurt to admit it, it wasn’t enough.

I picked one of them and signed myself up for an online course to help me understand all the intricacies of the online marketing business. The course was great, gave me everything I needed, even told me, again and again, about the niche and how important it was to choose a good one, and a specific one, in order to be able to succeed. But I guess at the beginning I did not quite grasp what it meant to have a very specific niche.

I thought to talk about my vegan passion was enough or talking about my yoga experience would be good.  And don’t get me wrong, to some extent it was, I did gain a bit of popularity, I had people visiting my site and even leaving comments but the visitors were not transforming in monetary success, and at the end of the day for as much as I wanted to follow my passion I also needed the money (like everyone else)

Stop, Refocus, Begin Again

Having a passion for something is one thing, trying to transform and convert that passion in a business venture that will be profitable it’s another.

My suggestion and this come mainly by my own experience is, focus, focus, and focus, and when I say that I don’t mean focus on your niche, I mean focus your attention on something very specific within your niche.

Let me tell you if you love animals, there are another trillion people that love animals but try to promote something in a niche so big it will take you forever, and you might just end up quitting before you get there.

There is something specific in every niche, and when you are at the beginning of your journey and no one really knows your site and who you are, to be specific will help you tremendously in cutting down the amount of competition you have around.


For instance, if you do have a passion for animals, try to focus on specific animals and maybe of something specific for that animal; maybe we are talking about dogs and the type of dog houses that you can put in the garden for your little friend to have shelter. Ok, selling dog houses is something much more specific than selling animals products following your own passion.

Do you see where I am getting at?

It is not giving up your passion at all, it is about finding your way to begin to make a difference and be noticed within your very specific niche and once you start to achieve some sort of success you will always have time to grow and expand, and maybe sale some other dog stuff, before you grow a bit more and maybe extend to cats….and so on.

I hope I made it clear.

Take it or Leave it

I am truly nobody to give any lectures on what to do online, but I want to share what my personal experience has been and how I made it from a very insignificant audience to something substantial by concentrating in a very specific part of my niche.

Some of you might dismiss the entire article, or maybe you have not even got to the end, but maybe some of you will take it as a suggestion, a small tip that can help you ease your way to your final destination.

I have nothing to gain by sharing this except it’s my own little way to say thank you to the people that have helped me understand what I was doing right and what I needed to change.

You Can if you believe You Can

Don’t let anyone tell you any different if you believe you can then you can!

It is as simple as that. There will be plenty of times when you will doubt yourself and wonder if this crazy venture you just began will ever become successful. Follow your heart, follow your passion, believe in what you are doing. Writing about something you truly believe in is so much easier than pretending.

Find your niche and look deep inside that niche, do your homework, find something very very specific about that niche that can make you distinguish yourself from everyone else.

Take that as a starting point and with the right training and tools, don’t worry in time your niche will expand, grow and eventually you will be able to talk about whatever comes to your head.

Because by then, you will have your followers, people that like you, like your brand, like your website and they will follow you wherever you will go.

Until then, remember niche, content, passion, determination these are the words you must keep in mind.

Till we will meet again at the final line, the line of your success!




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