Does ClickFunnels Work? The Question Everyone Wants The Answer For. An Honest Review (2019)

So, you are trying to get your first sale online and you are struggling with even getting a lead to click on your page. Don’t worry you are not alone, I personally know the feeling. At least I did until I decided to try out Clickfunnel and see if it could perform the miracle so much needed. Does Clickfunnels work? That was my main question; actually, that was my only question. And surprisingly so, it did.

It got me my first sale (excluding the organic sales that I made thanks to the one and only teachings of WA, by far the best course online ever!)! It got me my first lead and the traffic that I so much needed to boost the business to the level I wanted it to go; most of all, it got me the belief and confidence that I could indeed make it in the online business.

So today I’d like to share with you my personal Clickfunnel experience and baring I mind that I am a woman, sometimes we do see things in a different perspective than men!

Is it the same with Clickfunnels? Let’s see!

ClickFunnels A Woman Review (2019)

Product name: Clickfunnels

Owner: Russell Bronson


What is it for: Tool to help you convert visitors of your website into leads and into sales

Who is it for: Beginners might struggle at first but training is great and once you pass the first impression it is really easy to use

Price: from 97.00$ a month with a 14 days Free Trial period

Recommended: Yes

Understanding Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels is an integral marketing tool led by expert marketer Russell Brunson, which has become in a short space of time one of the main references used by successful online entrepreneurs

ClickFunnels provides “everything” a company or professional needs to market, sell and deliver their products or services, according to the words of the company itself.

What Bronson and his Team have done is creating a software for building sales funnels.

But not only that, with Clickfunnels you can also build:

  • Squeeze Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Webinars
  • And any other type of sale funnel you can think of and that will help you develop and grow your business

But to understand what makes this tool different, I had to look at the actual term of its name: ‘Funnels’.

What is a Funnel?

Truthfully, before Clickfunnels I had never heard the word before and did not have a clue of what it meant.

A funnel or marketing funnel is the metaphor that explains the process of converting a simple lead, a person potentially interested in the products or services of the business, into a customer that, in effect, buys the products or services.

To explain it with an example, if it makes any sense –  and I hope it does –  potential clients enter through the widest side of the funnel, which narrows its neck to its final hole, which only true customers will go through, as no business achieves a 100% conversion of the leads.

In ClickFunnels, the conversion funnels are grouped into four types, depending on the objective of a specific business:

  1. funnel to generate leads
  2. funnel to sell products
  3. funnel to organize webinars
  4. funnel to send emails.

Generating leads funnel

Traffic, leads, these are the foundation on which businesses are based, especially on the Internet.

The creation of a good list of contacts who are interested in certain products or services.

How can you generate leads?

Clickfunnels allows you to attract those leads by offering them free material, like guides, eBooks, tutorials, etc.

The product sale funnels

That’s exactly what everybody wants when you are in business: a sale. And it is also one of the hardest one to create, a funnel that will get you straight to a sale.

ClickFunnels has come up with some different ideas for this, and one of them is a funnel designed for the sale of a low-price item that can serve as a hook for other more important and expensive purchases.

Funnel for the organization of webinars

Webinars nowadays is a common thing, very popular and an excellent way to attract new visitors to your business.

These online events, in addition to being an end in themselves, can also be a hook for the sale of certain products, thanks to the presentation with added value and to the qualified audience that followed the online event.

One of the greatest success I have seen in the last couple of month has been achieved by a student of WA that with a webinar made in just one day over 40.000 $,(you can read his article if you want to know a bit more)  and this is no joke. I could not even believe it myself.

Just by creating a Webinar

ClickFunnels has designed some great templates that can make the launch of a webinar really easy to prepare and organize.

The e-mail funnels

If your goal is to attract users to create a newsletter, this software has also designed templates for it, although it can be used to send any other material online or physically.

You signed up for the FREE trial, what should you do next:

Once you join Clickfunnels, there are a series of simple steps to take in order to make the most of the software and see if it is really what you are looking for:

Step 1: Choose a funnel type.

Ste 2: Select a template.

Step 3: Customize each page to fit your business.

Step 4: Add your products and ensure all your email and payment integrations are set up.

Step 5: Set a domain name for your new funnel.

Step 6: Save your funnel.

That’s it and you are now ready to launch your funnel and let it attract your new visitors and sales.

According to testimonies collected by the company itself, one of the aspects that most customers appreciated is the wide range of solutions Clickfunnels provides to the user, integrating into a single tool processes and tasks that until now you could only get by accessing multiple service providers. With Clickfunnels, everything you need is in one place.

The webpage editor of Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels has its own web page editor, easy to use and with a large number of templates that adapt to businesses from different sectors.

Templates that can be customized in an intuitive and responsive way.The ClickFunnels editor is where you can truly make each page like your own personal funnel representing exactly what your business is.

Pages in ClickFunnels are laid out using sections so that you can decide exactly how many rows or columns you want in each page. You can then use your mouse to drag elements around and place them where you want them and you are able to create pretty much anything you want.

You can even modify any element’s properties through the fly-out sidebar. When you look at the page editor it is easy to realize that everything is organized in a logical way. You’re not spending a lot of time hunting for what you want to do.

But most importantly you can be on a page editor without the need to be a coding expert; no need to learn HTML or CSS or anything technical at all.

So it is easy to understand why I like it so much.

The building blocks of your funnel

Basic elements like Headline, Image, Text, Button, Input forms and Video widgets are all included in your Clickfunnels Editor Page.

These are the blocks you will need to build any landing page within the software.

ClickFunnels also includes a number of advanced elements like the Facebook Comments, Countdown Timers, Pricing Tables, Progress Bar, Membership elements if you want to create a Membership page, shipping elements for your shopping areas and so much more.

Each element can be easily customized in the editor sidebar. With most elements, you can change common properties like background colours, margins, fonts, and alignment.

Then there are element specific properties like the image Url for the Image element or the Button text of your buttons.

Within this editor, one of the most important aspects is the creation of the actual funnels: according to certain variables (type of business, objectives, type of client, sector, etc.), this tool can create very different funnels, always customizable by the own user, allowing you to analyse the result and effect of each funnel created.

But most importantly it’s an editor that can be used by anyone, or at least anyone like me with 0 computer skills.

The shopping cart of Clickfunnels

Another of the highlights of the editor and ClickFunnels, in general, is the shopping cart that provides.

It is a shopping cart that is perfectly integrated into the web and facilitates the purchase and payment process, without the need to resort to third-party platforms, which could lead to incompatibilities or other errors.

Automation 2

With ClickFunnels you can automate certain email tasks and social networks.

This is possible thanks to its Actionetics application, which allows the creation of lists or the sending of personalized messages based on the activity of the leads, kind of replacing the Autoresponder that you might have in place already.

At first, I was using MailChimp as an Autoresponder but I switched to AWeber since I find it easier to operate with, but Automation 2 can be a great asset especially if you do not have yet an Autoresponder of your choice

The Customer Relation Management of Clickfunnels

Another function associated with ClickFunnels is customer relationship management, which aims to improve communication with the client, not only to make the user experience better but also to have better information about it and thus proceed to a correct segmentation, a faster response to your requirements, etc.

Is Clickfunnels perfect?

As with any online marketing tool, ClickFunnels is not perfect. There is at least one aspect that deserves a close look: their prices.

The price of ClickFunnels is higher than that of many competitors.

Perhaps, for this reason, the website of the company does not show its rates as openly, as do other alternative platforms.

In fact, the only way to know their prices is to start the process of requesting a free trial for 14 days. Still, the fact that they offer a FREE Trial gave me the opportunity to test it out before deciding to invest any money at all.

The only two options to enjoy this software are:

Clickfunnels: the standard version.

After 14 days of testing, becomes $ 97.00 per month. This price includes functions such as the development of conversion funnels or the creation of membership sites, among other options.

Etison Suite: is the most advanced version of this software and is priced at $ 297 per month, after 14 days of a free trial. It includes all the functionalities developed by the company, such as Actionetics for the creation of lists, the realization of personalized follow-ups or the edition of emails, among others, as well as Backpack for the elaboration of affiliate programs.

I guess for me the strong point of Clickfunnels is that it makes it really easy to create a funnel and start working (which does not happen on most platforms).

You do not have to be an expert designer to create pages with a really impressive appearance.

Also, if you do not want to complicate your life by having a multitude of tools separately and then having to connect them together, Clickfunnels really makes a difference.

Resources and books

As a perfect complement to the software, I recommend that you read the 2 books published by Clickfunnels in which it explains in detail digital marketing strategies, such as creating sales funnels, automation, etc.


I can say without a doubt, that these two books are the bible of online marketing.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned with Clickfunnels is the value of Bonuses.

Now bonuses aren’t a new concept. But what Clickfunnles has taught me is to take the Bonuses to a whole new level. I am talking serious Bonuses that no one in the right frame of mind would want to miss.

For me, it was about making the most of my 14 days Free Trial and so I did.

Take the free 14-day ClickFunnels trial

Clickfunnels has some fantastic Bonuses that makes available when you sign up; these are just some of the things you get with the Software:

  • Bonus 1:
    Unlimited Email/FB Chat Support ($997 value)
  • Bonus 2: Tier5 Mega Software Bundle + Bonus Rights – Get personal access to 6 software plus the rights to use them as part of your own bonus offer.
  • Bonus 3:
    CF Share Funnel Library White Label Rights – 46 share funnels you can directly import into your CF account. ($297 value)
  • Bonus 4:
    CF Follow Up Pro access – Automatically follow up with your ClickFunnels affiliates to boost your stick rate and commissions. ($297 value)
  • Bonus 5: Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs White Label Rights ($297 value)
  • Bonus 6:
    Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library White Label Rights

As you can see there is plenty to go for and with a 14 days Free Trial it is definitely worth to check it out.

I am not a lover of spending money and (must be my mother side) I am always trying to save up if I can, hence my love for the Free Trial Stuff.

Yet, there are some things that are worth and when you start your online business and want to make it a serious career so that you don’t have to go back to your 9 to 5 job, you need at some point to invest in something worth your money.

When I first began my online journey, I invested in what I considered the best Online course I have ever found and I will be eternally grateful to Wealthy Affiliate University for changing my life and my entire belief of the Online world.

Clickfunnels was more of a growth for the business that I needed to achieve in order to get it to the next level and it has been again one of the few things I have put my money on that I considered to be of definite value.

So, this is it for me now, I hope in some way to have helped you understand a little more how Clickfunnels works and again, being a Free Trial you can always test it yourself and see what you think of it. You got 14 days to make the most and you can cancel it before any money are taken, so go for it; you can only gain from the experience.

Till the next time, have a good day and if you have any questions about Clickfunnels or WA or anything else, please feel free to drop me a line

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