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What Is Scam Alert!!!

​Morning everyone, it’s Wednesday morning here in Spain and I just dropped my son to school, came back home and sat at my desk ready for my next Review. Today I want to talk about a “Data Entry Job” that caught my attention the other day on a a Facebook Group.  If You want to […]

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What Is The Overnight Millionaire Program?

what is the overnight millionaire

Today I’d like to give you a Review of A Program my husband bought very recently: Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire. I know what you must be thinking because I thought the same thing too. When my husband showed me the title my first thought was  “what is the Overnight Millionaire Program, just another one of […]

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Free Keyword Tool For YouTube – 2019

free keyword tool for youtube

One of the fundamental aspects of writing a Blog is choosing the right keywords. There are many online tools that you can use to find these keywords and develop your articles around them, but when it comes to Vlogs, is there any free keyword tool for You Tube that we can use? Quick Navigation Do […]

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How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Blog – 2019

how to use pinterest to promote your blog

How to use Pinterest to promote your blog? This is a question I asked myself at the beginning of my online venture. I knew well  about Facebook, or Twitter but I wasn’t too familiar with Pineterst. In my ignorance I thought Pinterest was a bunch of very beautiful photos or pictures that people were publishing and […]

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