Is Grammarly A Good App To Have? (Blogger’s Tools You Should Have)

is grammarly a good app

Are you a writer or a blogger and are thinking about buying Grammarly? Are You asking yourself is Grammarly  a good app to have? Let me help you answer your question.

Being a blogger is not always easy.

You need to find a good topic to talk about, you need to do your researches, you need to produce valuable content, check your competition and you need to make sure your spelling is done correctly.

As a native Italian that wants to Blog in English, all these issues have always been amplified with me but luckily I found Grammarly a good app that has saved me in more than one occasion from some embarrassing spelling mistakes.

When I started my work from home venture, I wanted to address an English speaking public because I wanted my message to reach a broader audience.

I have spoken English for over twenty years now, but speaking is one thing, writing is another.

When you speak you tend to talk pretty fast and any mistakes is usually followed by another Word; people understand you so it’s never a big deal.

Now writing is a different story.

The reader has times to ponder on your words, go back, read them again and that’s when mistakes really get noticed.

Having an online grammar checker and proofreading tool like Grammarly has helped me tremendously  avoid embarrassing grammatical errors and typing mistakes.

Are my Blog perfects?

I wish I could say yes, but not quite, the Italian in me every once in a while pops up and if there isn’t a spelling mistake there might be a type of expression that I use that is not 100% English friendly but still…Grammarly   is definitely making the Blogs ten times better than they would be with just me.

I consider the app my online best friend, always ready to suggest an alternative Word or point out what I missed with no other intention that simply help me out.

But is Grammarly an accurate grammar checker? Is it worth paying the money or should we just stay with the free version of the app?

grammarly app

What Can Grammarly Do For You?

Grammarly is an app that helps writers check their article or post for any type of spelling or grammatical mistake.

It will tell you if you have put a comma where you should have placed a full stop sign and also provides you with some suggestions and guidelines on which word should be used in a context rather than the one you chose.

Don’t know how to spell?

Spelling is one of the best assets that comes with the tool. I might not write really well but I am quite good when it comes to spelling, still sometimes I type really fast and end up writing letters backwards or missing some altogether. That’s when Grammarly is there to save me

Not being Original?

A very useful tool to keep your content original is the capacity of Grammarly to compare your writing to billions of web pages across the web making sure your content is actually original and unique

Writing like a Pro

When I write a Blog I am very much aware that my English expression is not always perfect (far from it I would say)  and Grammarly provides me  real-time insights about my post  readability score,  how long my sentences are and what I could do to improve it.


Is Grammarly For You ?

I actually believe whether you are a Native English Speaking person or not, this tool can be useful to anyone.

Unless you are, of course, an English literature professor, in which case you probably don’t need anyone to tell you how to write or how to spell.

But for anyone else? Yes. I have plenty of English friends and the fact that they are English doesn’t exclude them from making spelling mistakes.

I think if you are a:

  • Blogger
  • Writer
  • Content or SEO Marketer
  • Copywriter
  • Author
  • Student

Or simply someone that is getting ready to do a presentation and wants to make sure it is written correctly, then Grammarly is for you.

Grammarly app

I would like to notice as well that Grammarly offers various version of English, whether you are Canadian or American or British or even Australian.

As an Italian I often spell words in a particular way for example the word “flavor” which I have noticed depending where you are from can be spelled differently like “flavour”.

Of course the first time I did that, I thought I made a mistake to then notice that it wasn’t a mistake, it was just a different way to spell the same word depending where you are coming from.

Two Versions of Grammarly

One of the greatest assets of this app is that it can be available for you FREE.

Yes there is a Free Version that allows you to check the Grammar, Spelling and punctuation errors plus the Wordiness of your script.

And the Premium version which gives you:

  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation errors
  • Wordiness
  • Inconsistent Writing style
  • Unclear Sentence structure
  • Overused words
  • Impoliteness
  • Ineffective Vocabulary
  • Plagiarism
  • Inappropriate Tone or formality level
  • Non-Inclusive language

The Premium Version comes at a cost of $11.66 a month which is a very good deal when you think how much you would have to pay to have a person checking and proofreading every post or article you write.

Let’s Check Grammarly Back Office

To Register with Grammarly is very simple, all you need is, to write your name and email and you are given access to your own Back Office space.

This is where you can set up your English Preference, see the type of Subscription you have, Upgrade if you want to or cancel you membership.

The Premium version is of course much more detailed  and there are more options available to you to really tailor-make the tool to your specific use.

Who are you writing for?

One of the really cool features of the Premium is the possibility to adjust the  feedback you are going to receive in accordance with your specific genre of writing.

Say for example you write with a very informal style, you can adapt the app to respond and advice you with an informal way of writing.

You can tell Grammarly what type of Audience you have, what is your intent in writing that particular post or blog, what type of emotions are you looking to create and even if your domain is a technical domain, business domain, academic and so on.

Grammarly delivers insights based on all these goals.

How to check your article 

The app gives you a few options when it’s time to check what you have written.

You can write the entire article directly inside your back office and check it straight away. Grammarly will automatically start pointing out errors. Once you click on the “Correct with Assistant” button, Grammarly will show you the errors.

You can copy and paste your entire article, into Grammarly for proofreading, grammar checking and for a spell check.

You can use  the Grammarly Chrome extension which is like a live assistant and every time you are online, on your website or blog space, after you write a post it will tell you where your mistakes are and what you should do to improve it.

In regards of the Chrome Extension I will have to say I use a Mac and I am in need of a new one; it is getting seriously old; and since it is old, when I use the Chrome extension directly it seems to slow down a lot my computer.

But I am aware it is the Mac and not the app. 

Type of Suggestions

When you check your blog post for mistakes you immediately get a series of suggestions to use to correct your mistake or the way you have expressed a particular phrase.

Now this process is run in depth in the Premium version of the app and if you are a Non-Native English Speaker it can prove to be an extremely useful tool to improve your knowledge of English language grammar rules.

Please though, be careful and read all the suggestions given, it is still a machine and you can have cases where you wrote a sentence in a specific way for a reason but the app doesn’t  know all your intentions.

The Non Original Content Detector

In the Premium Account you have a plagiarism checker, which allows you to check if you have copied a text from a sources and edit it, if you have done a good job in making it original.

How difficult it is to use the app?

Grammarly is literally super simple to use.

All you have to do is type something online, whether it is a Twitter Post, a Facebook Ad or and Instagram story, as soon as there is a mistake if you have the Chrome extension installed it will notify you straight away.

It takes you only a few minutes to check your post, and make it go live online mistakes free.

From Desktop To Mobile Phones

Grammarly works  practically everywhere from PC to Mac,

it’s even available on mobile devices, which makes creating mistake-free text and documents an easy and headache free process.

Grammarly Plans and Prices

As mentioned at the beginning, Grammarly comes in a Free Option a Premium Option and even a Business Option.

The Premium Option can be paid yearly which gives you the best value of  €10.38 a month ($11,66 a month) or you can pay it Monthly at € 26.64 a month or Quarterly at  17.78€ a month.

The Grammarly Business version is only billed annually at $15.00 a month but requires as well a minimum of three members.

As you can see plenty of options to choose. 

I started Free and then moved to the monthly payment at first before subscribing for the year as I wanted to make sure it could really help me with my work.

So is Grammarly a good app to have?

As far as my personal experience goes I find Grammarly a really helpful hand when it comes down to write and publish an article on my blog. In many occasions the app has helped me identify spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, confused propositions and even repetitive words.

Do I use it?

Always. The only time I might have skipped Grammarly is when my old Mac gets stuck and I get frustrated so I have to turn everything off if I want Mac to get to even type a sentence or post an add.

Over all I can say the app has helped me improve my writing skills, my spelling habits, and my way to write .

Premium or Free Plan?

Grammarly it is definitely worth as a tool especially if you are a student or like me someone that is not using English as their first language. Whether you want to use the free version or the Premium it is up to you.

If you’re a blogger and are just starting with a tight budget I would say use the Free version of the app. Install it and test it, play around with it see if you find it useful for what your purpose is.

If you like it and feel like it helps improve the quality of what you are writing, then apply for the Premium and do it like I did on a monthly basis at first.

Remember you can try Grammarly Premium and if you are not completely happy with it you can contact Grammarly support and get your money back with no problems, within a ten-day period.

Grammarly Vs. Human Eye

Is the app better than a Human Eye? I love Grammarly but still a Human Eye can never be replaced. Rather than choosing between one or the other I would say use them together so they can complement each others.

While Grammarly will be there to correct those spelling mistakes that your eye might have missed, the Human Eye will be there to back up those special expression and meanings that are not technical and Grammarly could misinterpret.

Get the best of both worlds this is my personal advice and if you like this article or found it useful please do share it and don’t forget to leave your comments in the area below.

Is Grammarly A Good App: Result


  • Excellent in detecting spelling mistakes
  • Detect Easily Every Repeated Word
  • Great For Non-Native English Speaking Writers
  • Gives Alternatives And Suggestions To Specific Words
  • Great Help For New Writers Or Bloggers


  • Is Not Human So You Still Need To Check Yourself!


I find Grammarly a brilliant Tool to have in your Blogger or Writer "draw". Whether you are using the Free Version or want a complete package it makes the job of writing easier and you have more time to concentrate on what really matters which is the content you are offering to your audience

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