Best Ways To Increase Traffic On Your Website

how to increase traffic on your website

​If You Are A Website Owner or Blogger, the number one thing you want to increase on your site are the visits. You are constantly looking for the best ways to increase traffic on your website and one of the easiest ways to help grow your audience is by using a couple of special plugins.

Yes, plugins; I mean, they will not be the only solution to the number of visitors on your Blog, but they will definitely be a great help in the process of growth of your business.

 One of the most frustrating things for any website owner or Blogger is to spend days and even weeks creating the perfect content, adding value to your site, researching, finding out information and then see very little results when it comes to the number of visits the site receives.

The entire process can be very disheartening and quite frankly is one of the biggest reasons people end up giving up.

How To Increase Traffic In WordPress With Plugins

There are many ways to create a Blog or Website and one of the most used platforms is WordPress. Luckily WordPress is not just a platform to write but it offers some truly great plugins that can assist you in the attracting visitors process of your business.

When I talk about assist you, is not simply a matter of getting the numbers up; I am talking about catching the audience attention and turn that audience into a repeat visitor to your site.

The more a person keeps coming back to your site the greater is the possibility of them buying into any of the products or services you are promoting.

As a Blog Owner you should know by now that building trust is fundamental in the process of turning a simple visitor into a subscriber and then a buyer.

Enough said let’s check out some of the plugins that can help you get those traffic numbers up.

The Traffic Plugins for WordPress

Traffic Plugin 1 Yoast

yoast plugin

The number one plugin you should have on your site if you want to increase traffic is a Plugin that deals with search engine optimization.

On all of my sites I have used both SEO All in One Plugin and Yoast SEO Plugin.

They are both extremely popular and both come with a Free version or an Upgraded version of the tool.

The Free One is more than enough, and later on if you want to get really an expert you might want to Upgrade but I honestly don’t think it’s necessary.

Currently the one I am using the most is Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO is easy to use, even for people who don’t know a thing about search engine optimization.

Yoast SEO  allows you to  add XML sitemaps, meta tags, breadcrumb navigation and Social media images and so much more. One of my favorite features of the plugin especially because I am not a Native English is that it offers content analysis to help you write your content the best possible way.

If my phrases are too long, too repetitive, if my Headings are not correct or my paragraphs too long, Yoast advises me to change them and make them more readable friendly.

 It’s almost like having a teacher next to you to correct

Traffic Plugin 2 Inline Related Posts

how to increase traffic on your website

Another great way to increase traffic to your website or Blog is by inviting visitors that have end up on your page, on a particular article to continue reading and explore the rest of your blog.

If you have Google Analytics installed on your site you can see how long, as an average, a visitor spends on your site, and if there is any interaction with any other page besides the one he/she clicked on to start with.

Ideally you want them to read another post or look at a different category and one very useful plugin to use to guide the audience to read some other article or post is called Inline Related Posts.

Inline Related Posts will show links to other posts that you have published within your articles.

This invites the viewer to explore more and consequently spend more time on your site and getting to know your product/service better.

Traffic Plugin 3 OptinMonster

how to increase traffic on your website

One of the most important aspects of online business and traffic generation is the capturing of leads and the creation of an email list.

You do not want a viewer to come to your site, read a post and leave to never come back again, you need to turn those viewers into subscribers.

There are many popular plugins that can help you in catching those leads and slowly build an email list.

I personally use Thrive Leads because I love Thrive in general, the membership, the Themes, the whole package. But I am also aware that not everyone wants to pay for Thrive (even though it is WORTH every penny) and a great FREE Plugin to use to increase your traffic and catching those leads names and emails is Optin Monster.

OptinMonster will help you turn website visitors into email subscribers.

The Plugin allows you to create a popup opt-in campaign that tracks users on your site and sends them a specific message.

Once a user becomes a subscriber, you can start sending them email campaigns that you will have created with whatever Autoresponder you are using, MailChimp, AWeber just to name a few.

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Traffic Plugin 4 Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

how toincrease traffic on your website

Often underestimated, the power of engagements and comments on your site is another great way to increase your traffic and sales.

If you have a comment area where people are engaged in conversations they often tend to come back, if they find the topic interesting and they want to read what other people think about that specific matter.

Believe it or not when there is something interesting or that matters to the viewers, they will be back to read again, people are curious “animals” (me included) they will be back for more, especially when the conversation is really engaging and other people express their own opinions.

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded lets users subscribe to comments on your blog posts, and every time a blog post gets a new comment, the user will receive an email notification.

Traffic Plugin 5 RafflePress


Have you ever been part of a contest where there was something that was going to be given away as a prize?

RafflesPress does just that; you can create a giveaway using the drag and drop builder.

​For example, you can create a RafflePress where the users can get bonus giveaway ​Ebooks or lessons or whatever product or service you are promoting.

And to get those giveaways all they have to do is  complete actions like sharing the giveaway with their friend or  subscribing to you Channel or email list.

Traffic Plugin 6 The Revive Old Post

how to increase traffic on your website

How many times have you written a post, go in Social media, share it with everyone to then forget about it and never go back on it again?

That is a big missing out opportunity.

You should always occasionally go back to your old posts, read them, revamp them, update them and re-share them.

They might be old to you but there is a million other people out there that have not seen them yet and would love to. So re-sharing should become a must do thing!

I now have learned to use Tailwind and I do a lot of re-sharing of my Blog posts via Pinterest and Instagram using  a schedule routine with Tailwind, but a great plugin to use in WordPress is The Revive Old Post Plugin

The plugin helps you automatically share your old blog posts to Twitter and Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest; you can select at what time you want to re-share your posts and also how many you want to re-share.

It’s time To Work on your traffic!

So there you have it, some of the best and free ways to increase traffic on your website with simple yet effective plugins.

No more excuse now, time to get to work and let those plugins do their work.

If you have any questions or want to share any other plugin that you think is beneficial for increasing the traffic on a website, leave us a comment on the area below, and as always, wishing you the greatest success.

Online business is a journey, your success the destination!

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