Affiliate Marketing Clickbank: Understanding CLICKBANK

What is Clickbank? In the world of Affiliate Marketing Clickbank is a very common word. Let’s analyze it together and see what it actually does.

Clickbank is an affiliate market created to sell and promote digital products.

With more than 10 years in the market, it has paid about $ 1.3 billion in commissions to its affiliates.

It is considered one of the best platform of its kind worldwide, and the truth is that making money with ClickBank is a very attractive, simple and quite functional experience.

As many of you like to work also in foreign markets by promoting products in English and another language, I thought it could be a good idea to talk about  ClickBank and the way it works, as it gives you one more opportunity to start earning money on the Internet as an affiliate by promoting digital products.


I’ve been working with ClickBank as an affiliate for almost a year now, but I will admit in the past I ‘ve never used to promote products on the platform.

However, in the last couple of years, interesting programs and tools began to emerge, and I decided that the time was right for the promotion of some of them.



Anyone can register with ClickBank and start promoting products as an affiliate. It’s free, you do not have to pay anything to start …
The registration process is very simple and the conditions offered by ClickBank are also very simple and well above the market average.
Let’s see how to start generating revenue with ClickBank in just 5 steps:

  1. Create an account as a free affiliate
  2. Find profitable products to promote
  3. Send qualified traffic to your affiliate links created within the Clickbank Hoplink system
  4. Start earning commissions for sales generated
  5. Find more products to promote and repeat the process.

It sounds simple, and in fact, it is.

The processes of use of ClickBank are really very simple and the whole platform is basic and simple to use.

ClickBank pays up to 75% commission on digital products, which are paid and sent instantly, which means that your commissions are also recorded instantly when a person makes the purchase of a product.

ClickBank also has hundreds of thousands of products in various categories, and they are easy to promote. There are no specific contracts or conditions.

Another advantage is the combined commissions of different products (also called “upsells”)

Clickbank allows you 2 options to receive your commissions:

  • by bank transfer or
  • by check sent to your address.

You can choose the minimum amount you want to receive and you can specify when you want your payments to be sent out. (weekly, every 15 days or monthly)


Opening an account in ClickBank is a very simple process, as mentioned above, and free. To become an affiliate and start generating profits in Clickbank, you only have to fill in the registration data and also the data for payment.

Initially, payments will only be sent by check to your address, but you can change that option by direct deposit in your bank account.

Before, Clickbank only allowed you to receive your payments every two weeks, and the minimum amount to charge was $ 100. Payments were sent by check. When you got 3 or more checks, you could already request that your payments be made through bank deposit per week.

But now things have changed. From the first day, you can select the payment option that you like and with the amount you want.

Currently, ClickBank offers products in English, Spanish, French and German and accepts payments in 13 different currencies, including the dollar, the euro, among others.



Choosing products in the ClickBank market to promote as an affiliate in your websites or blogs is also a simple and uncomplicated process. You just have to visit the ClickBank Market and choose from the thousands of products available on the platform.

From my own personal experience I will say there are a lot of Bogus products that are also sold on Clickbank, so choose carefully when you are selecting yours. Consider the following:

The market page may seem very confusing at first, but in reality, it is very simple:

See the screenshot below


On theTop Right where you see the search button, you can simply type the name os the product or a keyword to search for a particular product you have in mind
On the left side of the Red Colour bar, we have the product categories. Depending on the market niche where you are, you must go directly to the category corresponding to it.



There are various ways to analyze the quality and the potential benefit of a certain product available in ClickBank.

But although this type of analysis is always relative and theoretical, it certainly helps to select and promote products that are theoretically more profitable and/or easier to sell.

However, remember, even though a product is marked as “good”, this product is almost certainly very competitive, since there are many affiliates promoting it.
Let us examines the different aspects of the affiliate product chosen



The first indicator to consider is gravity. This indicator measures the volume of affiliates that are promoting this product successfully, that is, generating sales.

Basically the greater the gravity of a product, the greater the possibilities of conversion.

In theory, a product with greater severity is easier to promote and have a profit with it. The calculation of this indicator is done automatically by ClickBank and points are awarded to affiliate sales. The more points a product has, the better.



Another way to evaluate the potential of a given product is the average sales. The higher this percentage is, the greater the gains that can be obtained with it. I personally do not recommend promoting products with a commission of less than 50%, since it is not worth wasting your time promoting a product that does not generate money. The products with ideal commissions are between 50% and 75%.



Sometimes choosing a product with a good gravity or a percentage commission of 50% to 75% does not mean that you can really make money with it. Often the sales pages simply do not convert or are too poorly structured to get visitors to buy the product.

Therefore it is essential to know how to analyze a sales letter well before starting to promote a product. Here are some points to keep in mind in this same analysis. If the sales page has any of these aspects, you should not promote that product.

  1. Too many external links that take the visitor out of the sales page;
  2. Orders to subscribe to a mailing list or download a free electronic book;
  3. The seller offers several forms of payment, which means that if the client does not choose the ClickBank, you do not receive any type of commission;
  4. The seller has an exit popup of the site taking the customer to a promotion that has nothing to do with ClickBank and therefore will not convert into commission for you;
  5. Design too intrusive or poorly designed;
  6. The sales page is very heavy and takes too long to load
  7. The sales page is not specifically accessible through mobile devices.

Taking these aspects into account is essential to maximize sales traffic and therefore generate quality commissions with the products you are promoting.

Never forget that the time you invest in promoting these products should translate into maximum profits, otherwise it is a waste of time.

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If so, I would like to read your experience  In the comments section you can leave us your experience, and any doubts or questions you may have.

I hope you have enjoyed the post and till the next time

May you all have a blessed day!

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